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Harry Prytherch of the Liverpool band The Remo Four shows off a poster of the Imp', Nelson.

It wasn't all rock 'n roll even in 1966!



























"Two regular bands at the RATT were The Denems and The Denims. Both bands were originally called The Denims, but one had to change the name as they were appearing sometimes in the same week, and it got confusing as to which band was which. A name change to something a bit more un-Denim like may have proved better. One band was from the Liverpool way and the other I believe, from Leyland. The guitarist of one set of these bands later turned up in Schooner - a fab comedy showgroup who are still performing - although now as a duo."

Mitch Mitchinson: November 2012







Soon to become The Wigan Casino..


Tony Hughes: November 2012










Above posters courtesy: Mitch Mitchinson: January 2011



Bags 'n Baggage..



Gerry Eccles of The Envoys shares this fab piece of memorabillia with Lanky Beat readers - Thanks Gerry..




















LANKYKATS hit the road by celebrating LANCASHIRE DAY in MORCAMBE.. click on for more..



 The Dominators Gary Pugh runs The Park Hotel in Morcambe. Since taking over the tenancy three years ago he has transformed the bar area into a magical state-of-the-art live music venue which was only natural considering his continuous playing record in rock bands over the the past forty odd years. With multi-screen TV coverage of the bands playing from two alternative stages, customers never need miss a second of the on-going action as it occurs. With comfortable surroundings and traditional ales on tap this is what an intimate rock 'n roll venue is all about and this is why it's been chosen by Lankykats for it's first-ever show-on-the-road. 

  Celebrating Lancashire Day on Sunday 27 November 2011 the 'Park' will be buzzing with live rock 'n roll bands from 4: 30 in the afternoon until very late. Featuring in the packed show will be 'Gary's' band The Collection - sadly without regular singer Paul 'Cash-in-the-Attic' Hayes - but with a specially recruited harmonica-playing blues singer only too happy to replace him for the day. Together with Lankykats bands Tom, Dick 'n Harry and The Bedrocks a couple of local bands Gary will ensure you of enjoying an amazing uninterrupted wall-to-wall rock music-athon!

  Traditional Lancashire hotpot with all the trimmings will be served and afterwards, why not just simply crash-out by booking in advance and finding yourself in a luxury en-suit double or single bedroom at only *30 for this special one-off night. The perfect way to end a fab day.

 Image posted by Jim Newell 

The Park Hotel 91 Regent Road Morcambe LA3 1AF                                  01524 414 979                                                                                                                       *Breakfast not included but available.










Peter Illingworth..

..has kindly shared his collection of posters from his heady Preston days to touring the UK - 

He was the lead guitarist with his bands The Falcons, David John & The Mood 

through to Purple Haze and Little Free Rock.










































"Many thanks to Peter Illingworth for this poster pic.. Should the word 'uncomparable' be incomparable..? Google it and see!"
























Courtesy Of Ronnie Carr


























"I remember that night well. Lots of people came and the atmosphere was brilliant but can you imagine people dancing to music in farmyard with the smell of burgers and hotdogs being cooked on the barbeque. The three groups set-up best we could in an open Dutch barn with two farm trailers for stage. The Weird opened up with 'Summer In The City' by The Lovin' Spoonful  - which they did very well. I cant remember what we - The Pact opened with. Then came Mike Hurst & The Trekkers. They opened up with a brilliant cover version of Purple Haze by The Jimmy Hendrix Experience.


  When they came on for their second spot it was well dark by then but it was lit up quite well. That is.. until all the power went off. The only source of power came from one long cable from the farmhouse and someone had disconnected it. The music stopped the lights went out but there was no panic.  Dave - 'The Stick' just carried on playing his drums and Mike Hurst shouted "dont panic.. nobody move" and nobody did. Dave just carried on playing until the power came back on. So it turned into real BARN HOWL of a night."
Tony Bird: January 2011


  "I too remember 'that' Trekkers version of Purple Haze. Dave Hall on lead guitar and Paul Nichol on bass showed us all what it really was all about. Laterly, I replaced 'Dave The Stick' and The Trekkers went into cabaret as the comedy act The Trekkershow. But occasionally we played the regular venues like Wigan Casino etc and let rip there with a touch of heavier rock. Purple Haze was my personal favourite to play.. wonderful. My abiding and fondest musical memory of my six short months with them."

Bill Hart: January 2011











Above posters courtesy: Mitch Mitchinson: January 2011
























































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