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Lucrecia and her new Picture Blog are warmly

welcomed to Lanky Beat by Bill Hart.




Lucrecia Sanz Lopez



"What is it really like today; the live rock music scene for professional and semi-pro'

musicians as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century?"


  That is the question I asked myself recently, and also "What must it be like to play in a successful working band some fifty years on since the massive pop music upheavals of the mid 1950's and early 1960's. Time may have quickly elapsed and the music endured but what of the music makers themselves?


  For most of them it seems, these present day musicians weren't even born back then, but, and it also seems, it is they who have taken the sixties musical era straight to their own hearts and are making it shine as brightly and beating out it as loudly as it ever was back then.


  Massive changes and differences have certainly occurred in the ensuing years, but what too of the unchanged and the obvious similarities. If you were there back then as was I, then you'll see here a great deal that you'll fondly recognise and feel pumped-up-proud about - that is - the early musical legacies we created so long ago are being passionately taken-onboard, pursued and consumed by an eager, new, younger generation of talented people. For now it has come to pass that it is they who willingly wear the mantle of responsibility for attempting to keep all of our rock 'n roll dreams alive... forever.


  Lucrecia is but one such musician who, by kindly sharing with us these moments below - show's how it is all done so successfully these days. "Lucrecia, bless you and welcome to Lanky Beat.."

Bill Hart: January 2011.




Lucrecia plays at Liverpool's Cavern Club with Nube 9 (Cloud Nine).

 She joins the LANKY BEAT team in 2011.

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  "Hello, my name is Lucrecia Sanz Lopez. I am a professional musician and I travel the world playing in three tribute band's; Nube 9, The Beladies and Lady Zepplin. I live in my home city of Buenos Aries in Argentina. Amongst many other things we are booked to play at the August 2011 Beatles Week in Liverpool - something we have done many times now.


 We visit and play in the UK, France, Spain and Russia as well as BA city venues like Mr Joe's and The Cavern Club which is based on the real Liverpool Cavern. I look forward in the new year to sharing with you all at Lanky Beat a photo-glimpse of my life on the road, the wonderful people I meet and the many musical encounters I am privileged to witness on my travels abroad."


Lucrecia and her new Picture Blog are warmly

welcomed to Lanky Beat by Bill Hart.



Nube 9 means 'Cloud Nine'.
Fernando Viola: keyboards and vocals
Juan Pablo Ezquerra: keyboards and vocals
Emanuel Gaggino: drums
Lucrecia López Sanz: guitar and vocals
Fernando Blanco: bass and vocals
Julián Carranza: guitar and vocals


Nube 9 presenta “Sixties attack” en Makena

El último show del 2010 de Nube 9 será con los mejores temas de los 60´s en Makena.

Después de un año muy intenso para Nube 9, que incluyó dos giras internacionales por Rusia, España e Inglaterra, dos teatros en Buenos Aires y más de 200 presentaciones, la banda dará el último show para despedir el 2010 con los grandes temas de la década de oro del rock.

Un repertorio que irá desde Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison y Tom Jones hasta bandas como The Kinks, The Who, Led Zeppelin y Rolling Stones.

Para festejar por adelantado el nuevo año!

-Jueves 30 de diciembre a las 22:30 hs en Makena, Fitz Roy 1519, Capital.

Las entradas se adquieren el día del show.

Nube 9


Above: advert as seen on Face Book.

Roughly translated it means...

Nube 9 Presents

"Sixties Attack."

The Ultimate 2010 Show.

at the

Mekena Club

Buenos Aries, Argentina.

10:30pm: 30 December 2010

Featuring the Music from many sixties icons..


  Last year Nube 9 performed over 200 shows on international tours which included Russia, Spain, France and England plus many venues in their native city of Buenos Aries, Argentina, and 2011 will again no doubt, be a popular repeat.
  Performing mainly as a Beatles tribute band of the highest quality, you will catch  Nube 9 at various prestige venues in and around Liverpool in August 2011. Having been once again invited to play at both the Beatles Week and Mathew Street Festival over several years, they have now established themselves as one of the major 'must see' attractions.  
In home town Buenos Aries, Nube 9 play Mr Joe's Pub.
Pic: Ana Ojeda
Entrance to The Cavern Club Buenos Aries.
The Nube 9 poster is on the lower left with the Lady Zepplin
poster advertising Lucrecia's all-girl bands below it.
The Cavern Club Buenos Aries.
At the The Cavern Club BA: Lucrecia takes lead vocal.
Various posters advertise Nube 9 'Special Themed Tribute Nights.
Lucrecia Meets Alan Williams - 1st Beatles manager  
in The Cavern Club Liverpool 2009.
'Fuzzy pics'
Lucrecia plays the acoustic guitar at the Cavern Club, Liverpool in August 2009 which 
she donated to the Mersey Sound Wave project in April/May 2010.
Nube 9's Lucrecia and Fernando Blanco meet Denny Laine in August 2008
at the Cavern Club Liverpool.
Lucrecia with The Beladies - Beatles tribute band.
"Which one is Ringolina?"
Paula Perrella: Drums-Vocal. Patricia Flores: Bass Guitar. Lucrecia López Sanz: Guitar-Vocal.
Catalina Saraceno: Guitar-Vocal.

A Beladies Yellow Submarine promotional poster.
Beladies 10 AnniversaryGig
The early days of the Beladies at the Cavern Club, Liverpool 2002.
                  3 Saville Row London. HQ of Apple Corps.                                    Strawberry Field.
*Europe here we come..
Cold in The Winter Palace, St Petersberg with Pete Best next to Lucrecia.
B52 Club Moscow September 2010..



With Julia Baird: John Lennons half-sister.




The French Experience



Honky Tonk Madrid: Angus Young of AC-DC.        Slash - Cardboard cut-out's sell guitars..


The Jimmy Page Residence - London


Macca's MPL HQ London



Abbey Road Studios


Albert Dock Liverpool



The Cavern Club Telephone Box - There's often a big crowd inside..


Bill Heckle Manager of Cavern City Tours proposes to Lucrecia on stage.

 I wonder if he's still waiting for an answer?


..and back to The Cavern Club Liverpool this coming summer.. 



Look-out for Lucrecia and Nube 9 in August 2011.

Playing both the International Beatles Weekand Mathew Street Festival's Liverpool UK



Bill Hart: March 2011




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