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A and B sides of three Castle Records.


1980 - Rhylls Ville: Written by Wilding-Barrett: Recorded by Gold and the Rhyl Silver Band, produced by Simon Paul Millard.

The B side additionally features the engineers name of C Wilkinson.


From the early 1970s William Leyland, of the LE Agency was as always, on the lookout for increased business expansion, which saw the emergence of the aquisition of a former pub in Hindley near Wigan.


  The Castle Inn became the inspired the name of Castle Records from where the building also became Castle Studios, recording all manner of local talent from rock band's to solo performers from the cabaret circuit.


1983: It's Hard Being A Stone c/w Traffic Warden.

Credited to Phil Cool, the record was produced by Owen Hughes and engineered by Steve Brennan.



1979: Wearing Suspenders c/w Maggie May (Or May Not)


The sleeve below credits 'Humbug' as the performers of this record, but this name doesn't appear on either the A or B sides.

The A side has B Carter as songwriter and B Gibbs is the producer, with the B side featuring Quittenion/Carter as accredited joint songwriters.




Doug Larbey: September 2014



Here is the first single from my Castle Records collection. Of course, it is a normal seven inch piece of vinyl, which is quite thick and heavy. It is thicker and heavier than the normal sixties singles.
  The label shows it as a 'Castle Records' pressing with the pressing code/number as: CAS 003. So, it is an early release from Castle Records, being the third release on this particular label.
  I have seen different label designs and colours for Castle Records, but I am not sure whether or not the company used consecutive numbers (CAS 001, CAS 002, CAS 003 etc.) or numbers for each label design. If they only used one pressing code (CAS + number), then this was the third single to be released by the company. 

There was no picture sleeve with the single when I bought it, only a plain white sleeve. There is no date on the labels, so I can't give you the year. It is an 'Extended Play' '45 RPM' disc. There are three tracks on the disc. Side A: These Are My Mountains by Marion Robinson (acc. by David Kellet)
  Under the title of the song there is some print which has been covered over by correcting fluid or something similar. There seems to be three words, but I can't make any of the words out. It may have been intended to have two songs on the 'A side' and after the labels had been printed someone decided to have only one song on the 'A side. Or, the title may have been longer and they shortened it. Viewing the 'A side' label, both are possible. Above the title of the song it has stamped 'PAT SEED APPEAL FUND'.
Side B: There Is A Heartache Following Me + A Railroad Bum by Bill Sutcliffe (acc. by David Kellet). On this 'B side' there are two tracks and both are by Bill Sutcliffe.


This is another seven inch piece of vinyl. The name of the band is 'Read All Over' The name of the band is written three ways! On the front of the cover it is written: 'Read all over'. On the back of the cover it is written: 'Read All Over'. On the label it is written: 'READ ALL OVER'. So, it is not clear which way the band would like it written.  The 'A side' is: 'Outside to the Other World' written by Stuart Barker and 'B side' is: 'Vice Like Grip', again written by Stuart Barker.

The band line-up is as follows:
 - Keith Watkins - Keyboard
 - Craig Rose - Drums
 - Neil Seddon - Bass and Backing Vocals
 - Stuart Barker - Lead Vocals and Guitar
 - Sax on 'Vice Like Grip' played by Martin Speak.
  This single is 'Station Records' with the pressing code/number: STA 002. Release date is: 1986. On the back of the picture sleeve is: 'Station Records STA 002, 361 Manchester Rd, Blackrod, Bolton. BL6 5BL




Additional information:
I know Blackrod very well, because members of my family live there and have lived there most of my life. But, I do not know of any record company being there nor ever being there. Also, I do not know anything about this band and I do not know any of the members of the band. It is quite amazing that back in 1986 I hadn't heard anything about the band, because I was extremly active on the music scene back in the eighties.
Ian P: July 2014






Hi Bill. I wondered if you can shed any light on who these guys are? I know they were an Accrington band.. and that's about it! A track of theirs - The 7th Son - is featured on Youtube., the 'acetate' is in an envelope that has The James Boys written on it in marker pen.. Is the same band? Cheers Frank.


Frank Gannon: December 2013


Please get in touch if you are a light shedder!




Get those old 60's & 70's band recordings out of the attic now!

The BMA present an audio library and archive of associated memorabilia with the key aim of salvaging, restoring and preserving such recordings before they are no longer accessible on their present format. This national archive will preserve otherwise unheard British popular music to be inherited by future generations of music lovers, interested individuals and music historians.



Ivans Meads



Pics by Steve Wilde




















 Paul Stewart aka Stuart Widders - Harlem Jonns Reshuffle












      Who wrote it ?? -  who performed it - where and when it was recorded.

"A perhaps an interesting snippet for 'LANKY BEAT' whose contributors may be able to assist my search.

  In late 1966, Whilst at a meeting with legendary record producer - the late Joe Meek, he gave me an Acetate Demo Disc, containing the song - "I LOVE ONLY YOU" which I was to learn and to be subsequently produced and recorded by Joe, his tragic passing in February 1967 put an end to that project.

  I believe it was late September 1966 when I received it - and I remember playing to some friends at my 21st birthday party in the October of that year.  I have looked after the disc for almost 45 years, and of course the sound deteriorated over the course of so many years.

  After all these years - I took the acetate to a Sound Lab, and without
compromising the original sound, managed to eliminate most of the 'Clicks' and 'White Noise'.

The only details on the label of the acetate disc are:  'I LOVE ONLY YOU'
and CAMPBELL CONNELLY. I would love to know after all this time - who wrote it ?? -  who performed it - where and when it was recorded.

I have spoken with the Head of Copyright at MUSICSALES [who administrate the Campbell Connelly Catalogue], but they have not details of the song - it is not assigned to them they say - perhaps because it was never published, but pitched to Joe Meek in the hope that he might consider using it for one of his artistes.

It maybe that some talented Northern lad [or lads] wrote this song.

  There is a great deal of interest currently in Joe Meek, there is a Blue
Plaque dedication ceremony[by the Newent Heritage Society & D.J Mike Read] tomorrow in Joe's home town of Newent, and also a road to be named after him MEEK ROAD - by the Mayor of Newent.

If you google on the Joe Meek Society [Go to ENTER] then on the menu on the left hand side - [go to LATEST NEWS], you will find more details - and you can hear the disc.

If after hearing it Bill you would like a copy - I could send you an MP3 of the 'Cleaned Up' version., who knows a Lancashire Lad [or Lads] could get the credit for the song -  MY SEARCH GOES ON
Robb Shenton: April 2011


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