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By Bill Hart 
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'TALKING PICTURES'..2 Liverpool Tribute Special.. Bill Hart
By Bill Hart 
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'TALKING PICTURES..'3 Ole' Lancashire Special Edtion.. Bill Hart
By Bill Hart
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Story Prequel
By Clive Howard Kelly
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Story Prequel.. 

With 450+ pics..



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 Agoraem Portuguêstambém..   
OLHO DE KELLY: n º 1 - INÍCIO .. (Portuguese Edition)
OLHO DE KELLY n0 1      Agoraem Portuguêstambém..
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 "I love the guitars."        Peter Noone: December 2010


Mersey Sound: 50 Years On..
By Bill Hart

 Photo bookClick on Blurb for more books from NEWLIiiNE UK..





 on   these   pages..

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Radio Lancashire at 2: 00pm on Tuesday 27th August 2013

Pam's Bookend.
"your family book shop"
Gift Stationery & Education Suppliers
est: 2007
67 Queen Street
Great Harwood
01254 882477
07903 310 555


More 'Wammy' here... click on..



Hi Bill.
My book 'Hessys' The shop that launched a thousand bands and The Beatles is finally out and available from £18.99 plus £3.85 p & p and Paypal is accepted.

Kind Regards

Tony Bolland: March 2013






Bruce Welsh meets a fan at The Adelphi Hotel - Liverpool..                                                          Part of the 2012 Bank Holiday Mathew Street Festival.. 




A sneak preview of LANKY BEAT II.

Cover pic kindly supplied by Paul Robinson - drummer with Oggie & The Membranes.

  New content will feature bands who didn't make the November 2011 deadline, recently submitted pics of existing bands together with posters, business cards and a shed-full of other fab stuff..

'OUT EARLY 2013..'





by Dave 'Wammy' Warmsley


The book reveals an emotional, but sincere account of 'Wammy's' life, tenderly excluding the possibilities of some name dropping, but tells the genuine story of an emotional escapade during his childhood, his 

insecurity and his loneliness, but which later led to quite some 'glamour' of the media. The two Solo C.D. Albums - all written & recorded solely by Wammy - 'Delivering the Goods' and 'Another Star in Limbo' enhance a reality of so much of the autobiography..

Edited by Jan Ryan -              



 "Bill Hart sent me a copy of his 'Lanky Beat' - an encyclopedia of groups from the Lancashire area - Liverpool, Manchester, Preston etc. A work of dedication, well produced. Bill also has a Lanky Beat website in which he continues to feature groups and artists from the area.              Bill Harry - Mersey Beat - Via Facebook




Review in May/June edition of R2 (The old Rock n Reel) Magazine..


Hi Bill - Just to report safe arrival of the Lanky Beat book and to say how delighted I am with seeing your website contents in printed form, as the end results are well presented and instantly engender a severe overdose of nostalgia. In addition, thumbing through the pages offers a good exercise in identifying the instruments wielded by all those fresh-faced hopefuls from a now distant era that contradictlngly also still manages to seem like only yesterday. Would that making music was as simple, satisfying and rewarding in the current climate. 

 As you can tell, I've already gained great pleasure from perusing your publication, not to mention pining-for-the-past-induced pain in equal measure! Both emotions are well worth experiencing and naturally mean that another 'fix' is already necessary, so here's to more of your literary endeavours, i.e. Volume Two at least! My thanks again for all your help and for providing such a great printed link to formative times long gone but far from forgotten.            All the best - Paul Day

Hi Bill - Just seen the Lanky Beat book write-up from the famous Paul Day WOW!. Paul is probably the worlds greatest expert on vintage guitars. He has written countless books, and is a regular contributer to The Guitarist and The Guitar and Bass magazines. Together with Tony Bacon, Paul has written The Ultimate Guitar Book and The Fender Book. I have used his Guru's Guide for donkeys years. Well done.                  

Michael 'Mitch' Mitchinson


Click on the book face to browse or buy..



A Contest to Name Manfred’s Book


Many of you may already be familiar with Manfred’s previous book ‘The Sound with the Pound’. However, you may not be aware that a completely revised and updated edition is scheduled to be released during the upcoming “Beatle Week”.


  The original title for that new edition was ‘Mersey Beat Waves’ but, unfortunately, it turns out that the term ‘Mersey Beat’ is a registered trademark in the UK. As the book was within days of its scheduled worldwide release a quick rework of the title was required and a simple change to ‘Mersey Sound Waves’ was proposed. Unfortunately, it turns out that this title had been used previously.


  Consequently, Manfred has suggested that we offer the opportunity to get our readers involved in creating a title for his book. All suggestions will be posted to eliminate the possibility of repetition and Manfred will have the final decision on the most appropriate title and the winner will receive a copy of his book even if the title is not used. So regardless, someone is going to get a FREE book.



Manfred and Me!

We meet at Broadhursts bookshop in Southport.. Fab!


If you want a little background on the book you can visit the publishers website at 

to read more about the book.


To enter the contest - send your book title to


A great new publisher gave it a completely new layout with bigger images in better quality - the extension comes up to..


The complete book is now carrying 165 biograhies with 482 illustrations on 558 pages. To introduce that book I will be back on Merseyside from 22 August until 3September 2012.. The following dates have been fixed so far :

Thursday, 23 August from 8.00 p.m.

Merseyrats, Lathom Hall, Lathom Ave, Seaforth

Saturday, 25 August at 10.00 a.m.

Book-launch at Broadhurst’s Bookshop, Market Street, Southport

Saturday, 25 August from 8.00 p.m.

Liverpool Express Night, Eldonian Club, Eldon St , Vauxhall area

Sunday, 26 August from 1.00 p.m.

At Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton

Monday, 27 August

At the gigs of “ Karl Terry & the Cruisers from 1 p.m. at the Derby Square, Castle Street,  Liverpool-centre and from 6 p.m. at the Vines Pub, Lime Street, Liverpool

Monday, 27 August

Appr. 5.00 p.m. at the Spencer Leigh show on BBC Radio Merseyside

Tuesday, 28 August

Between 2.00 and 4.00 p.m. at the Sue Ellison show at Halton Community Radio

Wednesday, 29 August from 8.00 p.m.

Cheshire Cats, Royal British Legion, Withins Lane, Liscard (Wallasey)

Thursday, 30 August from 8.00 – appr. 9.30 p.m.

 Merseycats, Holy Rosary S.C, Aintree Lane, Old Roan (Aintree)

Thursday, 30 August from appr. 10.00 p.m.

 Liverpool R & R Society, Cadwa Club, Broadgreen

I’ll have 100 books with me that will be sold at a special price..

I hope to see you at one of these dates. Cheers Manfred



Cavern After Hours by Barry Cohen On sale now..


The book not only covers my growing up in Liverpool during the 50's and early 60's but also includes my early recollections of how I was first influenced by The Beatles, the mythical place only a bus ride away known as the Cavern together with the overall Merseybeat sound which at that time 1962 was only just starting to grow..                                                                                                                           Barry Cohen: April 2012         


Nostalgia-filled account of life behind the scenes of Liverpool’s legendary Merseybeat venue through the eyes of one man and the many bands he played in, in pursuit of fame and fortune.


  The 1960s boasts a veritable cavalcade of great musicians who are as celebrated in the twenty-first century as they were in their mid-century hey-day. But for every super group who enjoyed international success, such as The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers who called The Cavern their home, there are countless bands who have been forgotten in the mists of time, but who had its audiences enraptured forty fifty years ago. Cavern After Hours is the story of one such young hopeful, the bands he played in, the songs they performed and it reveals why the most famous nightclub in the world really was so special; the heartbeat of a generation. The story of these “epic fails” as the author describes them is, without a doubt, worth telling too, and in this affectionate and amusing look-back at the lives and loves of a motley crew of working class boys on the make in Liverpool, they are finally rewarded with their moment in the spotlight once more.


  Barry Cohen’s charming musical memoir is a wonderful read, especially for those who were equally inspired by all that the Merseybeat scene had to offer a post-war teenager. As well as evoking the unique sound of the era, Barry explores the social and cultural change that swept Britain at the time, along with delightful anecdotes and astute observations. Barry marvels at the fact that his Hebrew teacher was no stuffy old academic; he was lead guitarist with early 60’s Liverpool group The Tabs! An insightful and nostalgic read Cavern After Hours is the quintessential sixties story of following your heart.


About the author:

Barry Cohen was born in Liverpool in the 1950s. From childhood he dreamed of making it in the music business, but eventually he gave up playing regularly and settled into married life. From the early 70's onward, Barry opened several businesses across Merseyside and North Wales. These included a number of hair salons, hairdressing product wholesalers and several discount drug stores. Selling up in 2000, Barry then moved in to the hotel business in Cheshire and North Wales, along the years those hotels played host to an array of stars including Luciano Pavarotti, Harrison Ford and Shirley Bassey. Barry Cohen lives in Cheshire. This is his first book. You may also visit Barry Cohen’s website:

     Available from Author house - Waterstones - Barns & Noble - Amazon - etc.. 





A fascinating insight into the man-  


Ex pro-boxer and doorman-cum-manager of the famous Star Club in the red-light district of the Rheperbaum, he took the pre-Fab Four/Five and many others like them under his close protective wing.


  He took on one hell of job however, with these rampaging youngster's, who in most cases - for the first time ever - were living and working miles away from their comfortable Liverpool homes. Playing their hybrid music in a strange country, coping with a language they could not speak and an evironmental culture-shock to shock forever, the pioneering musicians were certainly glad of Horst's caring presence. Their guiding light through a most personal and vulnerable time.. that's the man - Horst Fascher.  

Bill Hart: September 2010 



"A cracking little rock 'n roll Yorkshire read!" Bill Hart






Courtesy of The Lancashire Evening Post











               Book Review..                 

2012 Febuary Edition      


Click here..

By Kikkatinkan..
Photo book
Now on Amazon Kindle and.. 
Now on
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Hard & Softbacks



Now also available from Amazon Books - Paperback $8.00 + shipping



NEWLiiNE CEO Bill Hart shows-off Amazon Kindle Publication:





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       The Picador Club - Blackpool..        

Have you any memories of the 'Pic?' 

Pete Shelton want's to know.. 


Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all who purchased copies of my book 'Rock-n-Roll Fever - Blackpool In The 60's'. Everything to date has been successful...(Still got a few to sell at Waterstones 01253-296136 - tell your friends they will make a nice Xmas present for some 'Old' R&Roller).
  I am looking for more info in regards to the Picador Club itself. I am working on another project about the Picador Club. I need to make contact with anyone I missed first time around. Any bands or musicians that may have some knowledge of the Picador and its workings...the owners and bands that played there - plus any photo's of bands from that period the early 60's. If you know of anyone please tell them to contact me at the numbers below.
Pete Shelton
Tel: 01253-398743
Mob: 0775-992-9960




My name is Pete Shelton. I've just had a new book released called - Rock-n-Roll Fever - Blackpool In The 60's..


  The book is about rock 'n roll and the musicians who, for many years in the late 50’s and 60’s, entertained the Blackpool public. Very dedicated to their cause — some hopeful of, and achieving the ultimate goal, stardom - some just hopeful, but dedicated nonetheless..  


 Order now from any Waterstones Booksellers.






 ISBN number




Peter Shelton: October 2011




A couple of crackers for Christmas..


Preston drummer Phil Eaves has seen a rock 'n roll life that looks both ways.. Or if you like; he's seen it - and had his hands on it - with life valuable experiences from both the musician's point of view and the club promoter managements side of things. 


  As a founding member of The Centurions in 1963 his first book Xtabop - A Preston Rock Profile - was written 1992 and has been a popular local best seller ever since. Real and earthy - and at 78 pages - an atmospheric sixties rock and roll journey from the then - right up to the here and now - well almost now. Meticulously profiled, Phil’s black and white portraits and posters tell the story of his distant musical beginnings across nearly 50 years of gigging and teaching the crafts of the rock and roller’s drum kit, to owning an operating Preston’s Amethyst Club located in an alleyway off Fishergate called the Old Cock Yard. 


  In 1969 to 1973 Phil opened the Amethyst Club. His own band Isambard Kingdomlaunched the very first session with Jerusalem Smith in support. Phil says, "It had no bar and some serious competition from the early years of club Disco's - or Discotheque's as the were first known. But we provided the early days heavy blues rock scene and we eventually had a membership touching on 1500."

Xtrabop at £5 and Amethyst Nights at £8 are obtainable direct from Phill Eaves..

Bill Hart: November 2011





*Out Now*

Click on pic below


Bill Hart meets Sam Leach the 'First Beatles Promotor

in The Grapes Pub, Mathew St, Liverpool.


Sam Leach's book:

'The Rocking City':

The Explosive Birth of

The Beatles 


"This is a must-must read for all..

and not just for Beatles fans.."

Bill Hart: July 2010

A drama ducumentary film titled after Sam's book is to be made shortly on Merseyside..





By Barry Cohen




Barry Cohen of The Perfumed Garden and The Washington Soul Band

who eventually became Selofane - is looking forward to publishing his book later this year.





                                                        Click here for more LANKYLINKS                                                       





Trevor Simpson



"Most - if not all of the groups from Manchester to Liverpool played in the dancehalls in Halifax during the great years. Volume Two tells the story - illustrated with over 1500 adverts, photographs and tickets from the 100's of dances that groups played at from 1957 - 1969. Great times, great days and the book's bring it all back to life!" says author Trevor Simpson.



Trevor’s second book continues to tell the story of how the town of Halifax UK, miraculously played host to over fifty number one artists in the decade of the sixties. With over 260 pages, this full colour printed soft back book concentrates on the three major dancehalls of the town which attracted bands from the length and breadth of Britain, as well as all the local groups.


  This second instalment features, amongst many others, Herman's Hermits, The Kinks, Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and virtually all of the Joe Meek roster of artists. In addition, there is a full biography illustrated by unpublished family photographs of Champion Jack Dupree who lived in Halifax throughout the 1960’s.





"I f you want to read a definitive and true reflection of what went on up and down the country on Saturday nights way back from the late fifties onwards.. then look no further - this is it.


  Capturing British pop-power at it's local best, Trevor Simpson's wonderfully illustrated book Small Town - Saturday Night let's you browse into a touring netherworld of who-was-who in UK show business and at the same time informing the reader where these famous acts plied their basic but essential, bread and butter musical trades. Major artistes of the day 

'needed' to travel extensively to earn a daily crust so for the small town of Halifax read.. Nelson or St Helens.. Wigan or Blackburn.. Leigh or Preston as a simple way of illustrating rock 'n roll's musical connections to many a far flung place.


  Local bands proliferate here together with the big-band scene of the late 1950's. Listed too are visiting groups who traipsed over the Pennines from Lankyland on their daunting trip's across the foreboding Saddleworth Moor for a fraction of the fees the big guns were paid and.. there was no M62 back then either. The Beat Boys, The Answers, Ways & Means, The Magic Lanterns, The Atlantics, The Cymerons and The Blues Set backing Screaming Jay Hawkins - amongst many others - are all listed as playing the main Halifax ballrooms.


 This weekly scene made for a truly amazing sociological musical mix which was replicated a hundred times the length and breadth of the country. ST-SN makes the feel-good-factor bubble in your heart. These times were unforgettable and along side it - so is this book.


  As unashamedly parochial this book might be - ST-SN is a 'national' historical treasure and true chronological archive. The book also unintentionally sets a challenge to all the other small townships touched by these once-in-a-lifetime events. 'All this happened in your own back yard too - So where are the local books where you can read all about it?' A real must read.. which ever side of hill you might live."

Bill Hart: February 2010


The proceeds of the books so far have raised around £10,000 for the local Hospital Radio which is in its 30th year.

Buy it now.. 

£19.95 inc' P&P


Gene Vincent & John Lennon meet in The Star Club Hamburg..


Trevor Simpson would like to hear from any Lankylanders with a

good story or a tale or two about Halifax in those 1960's days etc..

So please contact him direct throught his web site..







Living life Without Loving The Beatles


 - A Survivors Guide -


Gary Hall



Each book only £6.99

(plus postage & packing)


There more stuff from Gary on his weblog..



If ever I managed to write a Beatles book I would title it:



NO! Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I personally un-love the Beatles - far from it - I luv 'em to bits. It's just that I would need to give 'my' book an extra chance of being noticed amongst the 2000 or so Fab Four books written so far and make more money out of it without getting lynched too often by Beatles fans.

  This is what I suspect has happened here with
Liverpool born Gary Hall's 2006 book: Living life Without Loving The Beatles. It is different, it is well written, it is amusing, it is quirky, it is long winded and I'm so glad that I was luckily enough to have borrowed it from the local library and didn't buy it.

  Gary Hall however, really does hate the Beatles: Well, not so much the boys in themselves but certainly the mythology created around them. He doesn't much like their version of pop music either - preferring real pop music made by
Brittany Spears!


  Evidently, it is more the peddling from the mighty machine behind The Beatles 

from which he thinks - 'we have all been un-mercilessly duped' - that he mainly complains and, about the seven key stereotype fan group's it has created along with it - most of whom in his eyes are to be avoided - or challenged back as harasser's - whoever the well-meaning, perceived head basket's might be.

  It is after all about personal musical taste's and like the old Morris Minor - when seeing one on the road nowadays - invokes heavy nostalgic pause's of long-lost glories from grown men about the golden era of the 1950's and 60's; but all the same it's still a bit of a mediocre motorcar. In essence this is what his book is about. 

Gary Hall had really wanted his book to stand out from the pack however, it would have been healthy indeed to take some professional advice about its bland negative title. I say to him - tell it like it is Gary; which you do so well - inside the book. But this time positively re-title it and re-package it - just as the 'Beatles' have done with their products (about which you moan relentlessly) - by calling your book perhaps; "The Beatles Are Quyte Shyte."


Now that title should sell you a few more copies and so too exponentially increase the size of the lynch mob looking out for you.
Bill Hart: January 2011




                                £14.95                                              £29.95

          The full history thrills and spills of The Ace Cafe               


Forty years ago, swarms of motorcyclists roamed along London`s North Circular Road in nightly 'burn ups`. They were the ton-up boys, coffee-bar cowboys.. the Ace boys. This is their story, related by those who raced and the policemen who chased them, woven against a background of contemporary reports of escapades, accidents and deaths..





Birthplace Of The Beatles

David Bedford


"What this book doesn't need is another superlative accolade!

 But it's getting another huge one from me!"


Bill Hart: August 2010


Plug Inn Vols 1 & 2

 Tony Bolland


"There have been many great books written about Merseyside’s biggest export ‘Music’ especially the 60’s and the 80’s. Tony Bolland is the first to write a book about the ’Forgotten Years’ the 70’s and along with Bill Harry, Sam Leach, Spencer Leigh & Paul Du Noyer who continue tell the stories and keep the lamplight burning for this never ending industry.


  The Plug Inn Volume 2 is Tony’s Bolland's sequel to his already popular and successful 'Plug Inn Volume1'. The book is about the music shop of the same name and its importance in the history of popular music."


Copies available from..




Tony Bolland is currently writing a new book about Hessey's Music Shop in Liverpool.


  'Frank Hessey' supplied all-things-musical to the 60's bands and musicians of the era, including the early Beatles.


 If any


followers are interested in being interviewed and being featured in the new book please contact him via his (above) web-site or Facebook..


Goin' Down Th'Imp.

 Steve Chappels


*The Imperial* Ballroom




"A new revised book by Steve Chapples 'Goin' Down Th'Imp' is available now for all those regulars at the Imperial Ballroom, Nelson who would like to go back in time to the 50's, 60's, 70's.


 All the top stars of the day would end up there sooner or later.. The Beatles.. The Rolling Stones.. "


Copies from.

Steve Chapples

133, Woodgrove Road, Burnley,

BB11 3EJ


Please send a cheque for £12.00 

or buy on ebay.


By Ray O'Brien.


"Take a trip back to the early 'Beatles' gigs with a wonderfully portrayed insight into venues The Fab 4 & 5 played.. well before their heady Hamburg days..

Bill Hart: Aug 2010





Manfred Kuhlmann


The book's title - 'The Sound With The Pound' - is a play on the words 'sound as a pound', allegedly coined by Bob Wooler the original Caven Club DJ. Bob; famous for not just being the original Cavern Club DJ, but for saying such things as 'Welcome to the Cavern Club - we're the best of cellars'. The famous DJ coined many other phrases too - and this one is used most effectivly - if slightly altered - to suit the book. 


  Setting the tone brilliantly for German born Manfred Kuhlmann anthology of the 60's Mersey Beat Groups, it catalogue's the young 1960's musician's quest in his optimistic search for his very own pot of fiscal gold. 


  Meticulously researched over the last ten years, it covers every Merseyside band he can possibly find to ruminate about and many more Lanky Beat one's too. Changes in line-up were fast and frequent in those days with many attempting to find the magic formula which would send them rocketing to stardom as The Beatles and the many other's had done before them. 


  They say to produce a new David Beckham you need ten thousand wannbe kids to select from. It was exactly the same here - except instead changing football strips these lads were changing guitar strings. Brightly factual with knobs-on.. a good bedtime read.

Bill Hart: September 2010


Manfred with Bill Hart


I met Manfred Kuhlmannn a couple of months ago along with Alan Parkinson. His is a great book and full of detail. He has spent years researching everything. He actually phoned both me and Alan from Germany. A very nice sincere man. Wish I had been with you.

Ronnie Carr - The Beat Boys: September 2010


Liverpool Record Labels 1958 -2008

By Brian Holden



A man on Liverpool mission.. that's Brian Holden. Still in the research stage with his intended book, he shows his portfolio of some of his many record lables discovered thus far. Not far away too is Brians book launch - so stay tuned to LANKY BEAT for further news and so to - a book review from me. 

Bill Hart: September 2010



Eric Woolley selects an elite of 42 from the many other Liverpool band's on the rock 'n roll trail in the early sixties. Here he highlights how Lonnie Donegans Skiffle inspired musicians competed with Jazz and then transformed themselves into 'Merseybeat' - the new, world-wide musical phenomenon. Illustrated.

The Bluecoat Press





Coming Soon..
A massive little epic..
for even bigger kids..
By Kikkatinkan




Click to preview book


*A Slightly Divorced Man..

An Autobigraphical Compendium of a Nobody

By Roy Supwood





Click to preview book



Mersey Sound: 50 Years On..

By Bill Hart


A unique artistic commemoration and celebration of the UK's greatest musical era of all time..




'Captain' Clive Kelly 
An eBook Autobiography..
*OUT NOW on Amazon Kindle*
Photo book
Agora em Português
Story Prequel
By Clive Howard Kelly
Photo book
Click on book cover now..
KELLY'S EYE.. Story Prequel
Packed with over 450 pics..





OLHO DE KELLY: n º 1 - INÍCIO .. (Portuguese Edition)


Agoraem Portuguêstambém..   


Amazon Kindle



Hard & Softbacks..



Preview Book!



"Tomorrow is the day in which we pass through the Panama Canal. Today is the fifth day in which I have not eaten. I have decided to try to purify my body completely before I start my complex macrobiotic diet. I am on board my Trimaran Yacht 'Survival' in Panama. Three weeks ago we passed through the Panama Canal with my friends, George & Liz. I have been planning a round the world sail for many years now. In fact the memory goes back to my school days.."
Preview Book!


Click to preview book


Agoraem Portuguêstambém..


What are you rock 'n reading at the mo?





"Got a pic a story

or a

book or two?"

Then send details to


08450 94 87 95





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