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MBQ - The Modern Blues Quartet 



Stan Fisher: Drums. Graham 'Chalky' White: Guitar.
John Shaugnessy: Bass Guitar. Keith Jarman: Vocal - Harmonica

"Stan's second job in the band was to fight off marauding Teddy Boys, a job he excelled at - usually using a cymbal stand - him being a keen rugby league player and used to a bit of 'rough and tumble'.
  Chalky White is still playing having done a stint with the blues band CJ & The House Rockers with Mickey Wheeler  from Warrington on harp. Mickey was probably the best harp player to emerge from the British blues scene in the 1960's. He is still blowing with his band The Suspects based in Coventry.
  John Shaugnessy was a very good bass player who quickly developed a jazzier style due to the influence of the musician Tommy Chase, a marvellous jazz drummer and imparter of jazz knowledge. Tommy is or was probably the best hard bop drummer in Britain. John was last heard of in London and Kingston upon Thames  - John ! get in touch.
  Keith Jarman stayed true to his blues roots and continued to play in his own bands in and around Warrington. Very sad that he died a few years ago.

  The Vogue split and went on to form The Modern Blues Quintet  - even though there seemed only ever to be four in the band. The line up of this band was Geoff Moss from Warrington on drums  -  lost touch with Geoff so don't know if he still batters the skins, Mick Pearce from Ashton on Guitar, and Neil Thompson of Warrington on vocals. Neil is now an excellent guitarist in his own right and coincidentally played with Keith Jarman. Mick Pearce was formerly with The Saxons from Newton-le Willows and Wigan. Mick still plays and lives in North Cumbria. The Bassist in the MBQ was John Weir who had also played with Warrington bands The Impacts and The Rent Collectors: Great name for a group!
  John , Chalky, and Geoff moved to Portsmouth to form a modern jazz band with chalky playing alto sax , John on double bass, and Geoff Moss on drums. John later joined a band called Hebalob which  metamorphosed into Van Der Graaf Generator. John now resides in France. He was also a member of CJ & The Houserockers which backed visiting American rhythm and blues artists as well as being a swinging jump blues band in the style of Little Charlie & The Nightcats. Geoff Moss is rumoured to live in the west country in the Forest of Dean area.
  Chalky White also plays drums and will be 'doing a bit' at Lankykats - Standish in July 2012 with his 60's music band The Defenders.
It's fascinating to see the threads of various musicians and bands and I could probably fill several more pages with anecdotes, some amusing, some scary."
Graham White: July 2012




Graham White: October 2013







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