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The Bachelor Boys:  Lally Stott & The Black Jacks  The Motowns




Lally Stott: Vocal - Guitar. John Watkinson: Rythm Guitar. Gary Roberts: Lead Guitar.

John Kearns: Drums. Alan Liptrot: Bass Guitar - Wigan.

Roadie: Malc' Brown

Later.. Mick Gannon: Bass Guitar. Colin Edwardson: Bass Guitar.



 Lally Stott wrote the number 1 chart topper "Chirpy-Chirpy Cheep-Cheep". 


  He wrote the tune for Scottish band Middle Of The Road in the UK in 1971. Stott's own version was a hit in Italy, went to No 1 in Australia for one week and charted at No 92 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Harold 'Lally' Stott was killed in an accident in 1977 while riding a Harley Davidson which he allegedly purchased using profits from the song.

(Source: Wikipedia)


 "I saw them play a few times at The Old Hall pub near Wigan Cemetary in the Lower Ince area where they played several times a week. They played the Lennon/McCarney song 'Michelle' and made a superb job of it. I remember the drummer blowing me away he was that good.



 "The Vaqueros were involved in the-now-cult-film; 'Gonks Go Beat' with Lulu & The Luvvers and

Mike Hurst & The Trekkers. I took a girl friend to see it at the Palace Cinema in Wigan.. It was possibly the worst film I have ever seen.. but! There is a sequence in it which involved around fifty pro' drummer's playing  the same drum solo. John Kearns was one of them. Tremendous stuff.. However, I never saw the 'girl friend' again."

Bill Hart: June 2010


"The Vaqueros were great guys, each one a character, very like the early Beatles, bursting with zany humour and scouse wit."

Ken Eden: July 2010


*"I was a mate and driver for The Vaqueros or The Bachelor Boys as they were then back in the sixties. I lived in Whiston near Liverpool but moved to Hindley, Wigan in 1959.

I met my mates again in about 1962/1963 at The Old Hall Hotel in Wigan. My dad had a small fleet of vans so I was able to become their driver and roadie for them. They were a great group and full of talent.


  Lally Stott didn't live on the same planet as the rest of us, but never-the-less a great mate and much missed. John kearns was the best drummer that ever came out of Merseyside. Johnny Wok' was still in the Army at the time. The Military Police would go to his home to take him back to Germany. They would knock on his door then step back and ask him to come with them. He wouldn't go with them and as John was a big lad they never tried to force him. In the end they got the Padre to visit him as they knew he was safe. John eventually did go back to Army Camp but a week or so later walked through the doors of the Old Hall Hotel. He got a lift home on an American Airforce plane and also got a military discharge after that. Gary was very sincere about his music and he was one of the best guitarist I've ever heard. Allan came from Wigan and we called him 'Little Beatle' for the way he looked like them.


  This was one of the best times of my life but I had I living to make and my lovely Doreen to marry. We both miss the lads and would love to meet up with them again. The last time I saw Lal' and John Wok' was when Lal' was at his mothers in 1973 and John was playing at the Horseshoe pub in Whiston. I havent seen John Kearns, Gary Roberts or Alan since and would love to meet up with them all over again."

Malc' Brown: January 2011


*“We started in 1962 as The Bachelor Boys. Lally Stott was on lead guitar and vocals, Ray Jump - a guy from Whiston - on rhythm, John Helsby on bass - a guy from Rainhill - and myself. We played at school dances, etc.

  I guess our biggest gig at that time was appearing at The Cavern with 

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, Freddy Star & The Midnighters and of course The Beatles were the last band to go on. We all squeezed into this little dressing room at the side of the stage with amps piled up to the ceiling.  I remember The Beatles playing their first hit, Love Me Do. It may have been the first time Ringo had appeared with them at The Cavern 'cos all the girls were screaming for Pete Best. I remember Lennon shouting into the mike that ‘Ringo is now our drummer!.’

  Anyway, we made our way to the
Wigan Scene. Ray Jump dropped out of the band and we recruited Gary Roberts on rhythm. When we started playing The Old Hall Hotel John Helsby quit so Alan Liptrot stepped in on bass. We had plenty of work, playing the Old Hall seven nights per week plus Sunday afternoon at a club in Wigan. Periodically we took time away to play one nighters, such as at The Wigan Emp’ with Little Richard, or a week long gig at The Garrick Club in Leigh with Cleo Lane etc. but we always came back to the Old Hall.

  Then William Leyland of L.E. Agency asked to manage us. He organized our appearance in the film Gonks Go Beat‘.However, the director of the movie, Robert
HartfordDavis changed our name from The Bachelor Boys to The Vaqueros. Hence the name.  Davis also put us on TV, BBC2 Beat Room where we appeared live, with The Rockin Berries, Tammy St. John, Screaming Lord Sutch and The Hollies. Lally sung a Little Richard song and I performed a drum solo. 

  Anyhow, months passed and after a disagreement with Lally and a meeting with Gary and Alan we fired him. After Lally left Johnny Wocky stepped in as lead vocalist. Later Lally went on to
Italy and helped write tunes for Middle Of The Road, including Chirpy, Chirpy Cheep Cheep. We carried on until Alan decided to quit and then we recruited Mike 'Mick' Gannon on bass. When The Vaqueros split up in 1966, I believe Gary went on to Italy and joined Lally where he helped write the Samson and Delilah song. 

  I actually left England, bound for Germany in May of 1967 with a singer from Wigan named Roy Robinson, a long haired bearded hippie looking chap called Jimmy Mac on lead guitar and Kenny Fillingham who agreed to play bass. The first week in Germany, while we were rehearsing in a cellar in a town called Ingelheim, we met up with a bass player from London, Jimmy Eichhorn and his singing ‘broad’ called Liz. They were working with a German band and asked to join us. Well, as they had all the work lined up, we agreed, plus Kenny got rid of his bass and shared lead with Jimmy Mac. We gigged a month at a time in various clubs all over Germany until December 1967.

  The lads wanted to return to
England but I decided to stay and joined a German band called Sylvia’s Showband. We played for just over a year then I returned to England and hooked up with Gary Roberts, Johnny Wock - two old Vaqueros and Colin Edwardson on bass. We stayed together for about a year before I received a letter asking me to return to the Sylvia’s Showband in Germany. From the end of 1969 through 1972 we were an acclaimed band and were booked solid with 26 shows a month, another location for each show, for 18 months non-stop. The money was great but it nearly killed me.

  One good thing came from it all because my wife was also with the band and we were married in 1973.

  I'm not drumming anymore. I quit professionally on 1 December in 1972 and started a ‘normal’ life working for the 
U.S. Government.  My wife and I had bought a new house so I continued playing just weekends to furnish the whole place. I eventually sold my skins in 1978.”

Johnny Kearns: February 2011




The Theater Royal Manchester



This show also featured The Senators. Their name is on the amp behind Lally..




                                          Garry Roberts                                           Alan Liptrot


The poster on the left headlines a show by Little Eva..


Vaqueros - In the Decca Studios..


John Kearns





Pics by Alan Liptrot: February 2012 - Born again at Lankykats..







By Malc' Brown:
The Vaqueros Roadie: February 2012
"I'd like to clarify the truth about Lally Stotts passing via Lanky Beat. 
Lally died on the 6th June 1977 aged just 32 after being involved in a road traffic accident while riding on his small commuter bike. The bike had been previously stolen and had just been returned to Lally by the police. On his next bike trip a car pulled out in front of him and Lally hit a telegraph pole and he died three days later in hospital.
  Lally had only just returned from living in Italy to set up a boutique for his sister and he lived in the large flat above -John Wokky says, 'it was a fantastic place'. 
Being totally familiar with scooter riding in Italy, Lally used the small bike for short journey's into town, so naturally he did the same thing here at home in the UK.
  It was a great loss to his family and us - his friend's. It was a loss of a great talent and he will never be forgotten."
 Lally Stott..
Lally wrote the No 1 hit song 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep'
recorded by the Scottish band 'Middle Of The Road'.


Malc'Brown: March 2012








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