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Mersey Sound:

50 Years On.

Bill Hart


Goin' Down Th'Imp.

By Steve Chappels


"A new revised book by Steve Chapples 'Goin' Down Th'Imp' is available now for all those regulars at the Imperial Ballroom, Nelson who would like to go back in time to the 50's, 60's and 70's etc.

All the top stars of the day would end up there sooner or later.. The Beatles.. The Rolling Stones.. "


Copies from..

Steve Chapples

133, Woodgrove Road, Burnley,

BB11 3EJ


Send a cheque for £12.00 

or buy it on ebay.


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12 December 2010 


Guitarist with The Teenbeats



Lennies Arcadian Combo:Mark Day & The Knights: The Dappers: Blue Star Combo:

The Accy Rockers:



 Lennies Arcadian Combo 


Dave Tomlinson: Guitar. Vinny: Guitar. Mark Day: Lead Vocal. Jack Woods: Guitar - vocal. Frank Fielding: Ballad Singer. Jim Graham: Bass Guitar. Lennie Herbert: Drums. 

'Bass'?: Name unknown.


  Peter Hibbert 2nd left with sixties superstar Billy Fury posing center as a band member shakes his hand in the Majestic Ballroom in Barnoldswick. Sadly Peter recently passed away.




"When I started out in the mid 1950's with the skiffle craze the singer was Pete Hibbert. I was the then drummer with Lennie & The Teenbeats and we were very popular around Lancashire and Yorkshire. Later - for obvious reasons - we changed the name to Mark Day & The Knights - Petes stage name.


Peter Hibbert: Lead Vocal.

Lennie Herbert: March 2011





Rawtenstall - Nelson

  "One band that had a very profound influence on BIM in the late sixties and early seventies was a four-piece band - later a trio- from the Rawtenstall - Nelson area called Glass Menagerie.
  GM was much more than just a local band, as they could occasionally be heard on John Peel's Sunday afternnon show 'Top Gear' played at leading clubs of the time such as Mother's Club in Birmingham and The Magic Village in Manchester and had a recording contract, releasing a couple of singles.
  BIM first saw Glass Menagerie play at Rivington Barn, a large converted tithe barn on the outskirts of Bolton. We had gone along to see Fairport Convention, who had just released their second album  'What We Did On Our Holidays'. For some reason, Fairports couldn't make the gig, but we consoled ourselves by contemplating the performances of the two support bands, one of which was GM. First up was a band called 'Magazine' if memory serves. They were OK, but a wee bit 'commercial' for our eclectic tastes.

  Next up was Glass Menagerie and the band absolutely blew us away! The line up was Lou Stonebridge - organ, Bill Atkinson - drums, John Medley - bass and Alan Kendal - guitar. For starters, the band certainly looked the part! Lou wore a black tail coat and knee length boots. He had a huge frizzy barnet, parted down the middle, similar to the one that our drummer, Paul, later cultivated! The other guys were colourfully decked out in crushed velvet kecks and buckskin jackets. Alan played a Gibson SG Solid Guitar - axe, just like the one that Beak later purchased. John had a Fender Jazz basss, stripped of its pickup covers and scratchplate. I later went on to by a Jazz bass. I can't remember what sort of drum kit Bill used; it was probably Ludwig, because our own drummer eventually used that brand and, as you may have gathered, we were later trying to be just like our heros in sound and appearance. The band had 100 watt Marshall stacked amps and a Selmer 100 watt PA, with no sight of pimply roadie twiddling mixer knobs at the back of the hall! 



  If the looks of Glass Menagerie had impressed, we were totally swept away by their sound and choice of material once they started playing. The Rivington Barn set, as I remember it, included:

I Can't Quit Her - Blood, Sweat & Tears with Al Cooper
Suzanne  - Leonard Cohen
Love Me Two Times - The Doors
People Are Strange - The Doors
Mr Fantasy - Traffic
Do You Ever Think? - Glass Menagerie
Frederick Jordan  - Glass Menagerie  
Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful
She Came From Hell - Glass Menagerie
Somebady to Love - Jefferson AirplaneThere might have been more, but hey! - it was a helluva long time ago!

  We saw GM on a number of other occasions and by the time of the last gig witnessed by us, at the Bolton Octagon Theatre, the band had slimmed down to organ , bass and drums, but still sounded great! Alan had left to join Toe Fat with Cliff Bennett of Rebelrousers fame, and made a couple of albums with them before joining The Bee Gees on tour. GM eventually split and Lou performed and recorded with Paladin and Bill did likewise with If. I've no idea what happened to ace bass player John Medley.

 Lou is currently has a band called Boogie Woogie Flu and plays mainly London pubs and clubs with what is billed as 'An infectious mixture of rhythm and blues'! Must get along to one of their gigs with Paul and Dan!


 John Medley - bass guitar was at school with me as was Brian Chippendale who was drummer with The Silhouettes as did Vicky Vallans-Smith.
Tony Dixon: February 2011






The Jensens


The Silhouettes: 1960

Rear: Fred Smith: Guitar. Alan Holt: Guitar - Vocal. Barry Rawstron: Bass Guitar

  Ian Dixon: Drums. John Horne: Lead Guitar.


Vicky Vallan was the main singer.


"I played lead guitar with a Nelson group called The Silhouettes from 1960 through to 1967 when the group broke up. Then later with a group called The Jensens who had two records out on the Philips label and played on the John Peel show even though we were only semi-pros'.


  I dont know why but there doesn't seem to be much written about The Silhouettes group even though they were probably the most well known outfit in the Nelson - Burnley area and did two Radio Shows from the BBC Playhouse Theatre in Manchester called 'Here We Go'. This was a live recorded show with an audience with the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra and because it was only a half-hour show they recorded two shows together to make it worthwhile for an audience to attend. 



  Alan Holt: Vocal. Barry Rawstron. Bass Guitar.

John Horne: Lead Guitar. Brian Chippendale: Drums. 

Front: Vicky Vallen: Fred Smith: Guitar.


 The Silhouettes were the stars on one show and The Beatles were the stars on the other, having just come back from Hamburg. On that second show they had just released 'Love Me Do' so they did get a bit more attention than we did at the stage door afterwards. 


  We were also signed to the Tito Burns Agency in London who had on their books Dusty Springfield and The Searchers. They supplied many of the top acts to the Imp' Ballroom in Nelson, unfortunately we stayed as semi-pros' which didnt help them to promote us. At that time we had two vocalists in the group, Alan Holt and Vicky Smith - Vicky Vallan. They were both in the group from the beginning in the late 1950's. Alan left the group on the 31 October 1965 because his father died and they had a newsagents shop down Scotland Road, Nelson which he then had to run himself. Ronnie Thornton - Chad Wayne - replaced him as vocalist.  Alan went onto run a cafe in Nelson with his mother and when she died he bought a farm above Haggate near Burnley and opened a gun shop in Skipton.


  Although singing had been his life, he started off as a choirboy at a very young age he never came back into the music scene.  He died at the age of 60 in May 2004 after having several strokes which left him unable to speak - although he could understand what you said to him.


  The Silhouettes, through to 1965, played a wide variety of venues, together with almost 

every well known star of the day you can name. Many of them in variety shows from seaside piers to theatres and ballrooms. Also, we were the first rock group to get into the Mecca Ballrooms starting at BlackburnMecca where audiences weren't allowed to dance to us because of problems at that time with the *Musicians Union and their stance against groups. Eventually we played at all of the Mecca's throughout the North of England and paved the way for other groups to play at them.



    Glen South: Vocal. Barry Rawstron: Bass Guitar. Ronnie Thornton: Chad Wayne: Vocal.

Brian Chippendale: Drums. John Horne: Guitar.




The Silhouhettes


 John Horne: Guitar - Vocal.  Mike Horne: Vocal - RIP.  Brian Howe: Bass - Vocal. 

Off pic: Roger Greenwood: Guitar - Vocal. 


This was the outfit that had two records on the Philips Label.

Alan Buck of The Four Pennies: RIP played the drums on the records.


July 1971

Jensens - Reginald

John Horne: Guitar - Bass - Guitar - Vocal. Roger Greenwood: Guitar: Violin - Vocal.   

Walter Day: Drums.  Brian Howe: Bass Guitar - Vocal - Trumpet. Mike Horne: Vocal. 

Off pic: David Almond: Guitar. 


Reginald was a more modern name to appear on The John Peel Show and this is the name that appears in the John Peel Sessions Book. You can also see we adopted a more casual Dress in the 1970's.  You might recognise a few of the names that played with us over the years were in other groups during the 60's.


*"I believe the problem was they wouldn't accept 'us' as musicians because the majority of  guitar player's didn't read music and also they saw as a threat to their employment. It was quite sometime before they would accept us as members. We came accross this problem where ever there was a resident orchestra although it was only Blackburn Mecca that didn't allow dancing. We were soon playing at Sale Mecca, the Ritz Mecca in Manchester and Mecca's in Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale and Wakefield."

John Horne: January 2011





Glen South: Lead Vocal.









Eddie G Martin: Lead Vocal, John 'Jimmy' Jewel: Sax. Tommy Smith: Drums.

Ian Fraser: Bass guitar. Robin Whitaker: Lead Guitar.


EGM & The Sabre's hold prestige claims to fame as support band to The Beatles when the played at The Imperial Ballroom Nelson in May 1963. The were also a support for Freddie Starr & The Midnighters.

Bill Hart: November 2010




The Hollies: The Skifflettes:



Bernie Calvert: Bass Guitar. Bobby Elliot: Drums.

Pat Belshaw: Lead Vocal. Tony Hicks: Lead Guitar.


Sixty-percent of The Hollies are here.. above. The others.. below are Eric Haydock: Bass Guitar from Stockport (Bernie replaced Eric 1966). Allan Clark: Lead Vocal. Graham Nash: Rhythm Guitar, both of Salford 



At 14 Pat Belshaw.. 3rd L; and Tony Hicks aged 12.. 3rd R; formed Les' Skifflettes.

 A seven-piece skiffle-group with tea-chest bass and washboard.



The Hollies playing at The World Famous Cavern Club, Liverpool. 

A group made up from scattering of Lankyland lads from all over the County Palatine: A true LANKY BEAT Band.

This is the line-up that would make them internationally famous.






Robert Glendenning: Lead vocal. Graham Marshall. Neil Garnett. Norman Perry. Keith Prenton.

"A few years ago I put a nostalgic little booklet together about The Inmates for an anniversary and put it up on an old website. Hope it might be of interest to your readers.."

Norman Perry: September 2010






 Mick Cowgill: Vocals. Mick Burrows: Drums. John Firth: Bass Guitar. 

Alan Judson: Guitar. Dave Wright: Guitar.
Steve Cragg later replaced Mick Burrows on drums.


Played at the Imperial Ballroom Nelson just the once. Sunday night when the venue management were struggling to find a decent group. Mick Burrows went on to play with The Inmates.






                Jon Anderson: Lead Vocal joined Yes. Ian Wallace: Drums joined Bob Dylan.

                                                 Ivan Dixon played with Jethro Tull.



A Brick In the Mathew Street Wall Of Fame - Liverpool



    This page comes to LANKY BEAT  courtesy of S. Chapples.




Supporting Acts:

This is a whole subject in itself, which goes far beyond the remit of my book Goin' Down T'Imp. Some members of these groups went on to bigger and better things and other changed their names and became celebrities. I’ve compiled a list of the 230 groups and artists who played the Imp' in the 60s and where possible mentioned individual band members, who subsequently achieved fame and fortune.


 The Warriors were a very popular local quartet and the drummer Len Ward backed amongst others, Cleo Lane, Lulu and Tom Jones. This compilation makes interesting reading in its own right as the sheer inventiveness of the names shows how desperate the groups were to come to the attention of a Brian Epstein or Larry Parnes.


Group rivalry on each half of the revolving stage led some artists to sabotage the opposition by unplugging each other’s amps at the start of their performance leaving them literally powerless in front of the audience.


I’m sure many a local fan will spot someone they knew personally or enjoyed watching and a few will no doubt say, “I was in that group”.

Steve Chapples: July 2010 


The Absorbers

Acme Music Company

Dave Adam and the Belairs

Angels Payment

The Ashes

The Atlantics

Billy Atom and the Fallouts

The Attack

The Avalons

Baby and the Crumblebees

Lee Barry and the MG’s

The Beat Boys(Leigh)

The Beat Merchants

*The Beatovens

The Bees

The Big Six

The Blackjacks

The Black Kats

Ian Black and the Knights

Black Sheep and the Sonics

The Blue Jays

The Blue Kats (Peter Eddlestone joined Marty Wilde)

The Blues Set (Leigh)

Johnny Breeze and the Atlantics

The Brethren

Brian and the Bluejean Rockers

Bruce and the Spiders

The Carpetbaggers

The Cartwrights

The Cavedwellers

The C.C. Riders

Celia and the Imps

Certain Society

Chapter Five

The Chequers

The Chris Shakespeare

The Chuckles (Manchester) 

The Clayton Squares (Liverpool) 

Dean Collins Sound

Cops and Robbers (backed John Lee Hooker)

The Cossacks

Michael Cox and the Stripes

Cross Town Traffic

The Cutters

The Cyan Tree

The Cyclones

The Cymarons 

Terry Dale and the Dalesmen

The Dawnbreakers

The Debutantes (5 female R&B musicians)

Shirley Dee and the Invaders

Del Kados

Ricky Dene and the Vampires

The Detours

District Blues Co.

The Dolphins  (became The Hollies)

The Dominators

The Dominoes

The Downbeats (backed Eden Kane)

The Dyacks

The Dynamics

Tony Eaves and the Eavesdroppers

The Echoes (backed Dusty Springfield)

Edison’s Phonograph

The Electones

The End

The Epics

The Executives (from Blackpool)

The Falcons

The Federals (from Manchester)

Ricky Fenton and the Sonics

Five of a Kind

Fleur de Lys

The Footsteps

The Forgotten Four


The Fortune Tellers

Four Pete’s Sake

Jack Fordell and the Olympics

The Gamblers

The Generation

George and the Dragons

Gideon’s Ways

The Golden Eagles

The Gonks

Granny’s Intention

The Griffins

Jo Jo Grime

The Guests

The Harlems,

Harlem Shuffle,

Hearts of Oak

The Hornets,

Human Instinct

The Illusions

The Imps

The Intermediates

The Inmates

The Jaguars

Hank Jamison Collection

The J.D. Four

The Jensons (Mike Horne (d), Brian Howe and John Horne)

David John and the Mojo

Jonney Rebs (from Barrow)

Just Four Men

Just Uss

The Kaos (from Barrow)

Pete Kelly’s Solution

Vince Kent and the Vampires

The Kestrels

The Mark Kitto Sound

The Klan

The Knack

The Kudos

Gary Lavine and the Travellers

Gary Lavine and the Rockets

Left, Right and Centre

Lenny and the Teenbeats

The Livewires (from Scotland)

Logger and the Lumberjacks

Love Trade

Ken Lloyd Trio

Long Distance Runners

The Longjohns

The Lovin

The Music Lanterns

The Manhattans (Glen South, Trevor Barstow later Tom Jones’ musical director,

Malcolm Bateson and Malc. Foster (d)).

Eddie G. Marten and the Falcons

Eddie G. Marten and the Sabres

Maureen and the Masquerades

The Meteors

Michael’s Angels

The Molehill Mob

Mondo Kay

The Mocking Birds

The Moodies

Jackie Montana and his Skiffle Group

The Moonshiners

The Mustangs

The Mutineers (John Medley (b) backed Bo Diddley at the Imp; Mike Horne v)

The Nevadas

The Nomads

The Originals

The Outsiders

Pancake Tuesday

Patents Pending

The Pedlars

Peter and the Alphabet

The Pezants

The Phantoms

Phil and the Argonauts

Little Phil and the Swaggers

Sebastian H. Pike (a group!)

Keith Powell

The Proud Paws

The Puppets

Little Black Pussycats

Pythagoras Squares

The Quare Fellows

Raging Storms (from Burnley, Keith O’Connell (k)

The Rainbows

Reasons 5

The Reflections

The Remo Four

Riot Squad

The Roadracers

The Roadrunners

The Rogues

Kris Ryan and the Questions

The Rye Catchers

The Kathy Sampson Trio

The Saracens

The Shades

The Shouts

The Shotguns

The Shouts

The Silhouettes (Glen South)

The Sinners

The Sisters of Idle Dreams

So On And So Forth (Tony Carter (v), Dave Pepper (d), Tex Corner (b), John O’Hara (v),

Dave Hayhurst (v))

Small Units

Mr Smith,

Some People

The Snipers

Socks to Match

The Solution

Somebody Else

The Sonics

The Soundcasters

The Spidermen (from Liverpool)

Lee Stewart and the Emperors

The Stirlings

The Spectres (became Status Quo)

State Express

The Strangers

The Streamliners

The Swinging Hangmen

Take 5

Mike Taylor Combo

The Teddy Bears

The Thimble Riggers

The Thunderbeats

The Time

Toggary Five

The Trakkers


The Truth

Mark Twain and the Huckleberry Finns

Uncle Tom’s Express

The Untamed Four

The Uptown Go Go Band (Joey Madden (v & b), Kenny Markham and Barry Trickett (d))

The Valkyries

The Vendettas

The Vibrations

The Vipers

Bob Walker and the Detours

The Warriors (Jon Anderson (v) joined “Yes”, Ian Wallace (d), joined Bob Dylan

and Ivan Dixon played with Jethro Tull)

The Washington DC’s

Chad Wayne and the Codes (formerly The Quare Fellows)

Ways and Means

The Wayward Sect

The Westerners

The Whispers

The Wild Ones

Ricky Wilson and the Altones

Wynder K. Frog

Mr X and the Mystery Group

Terry Young and the Youngsters

The Zephyrs




Listings kindly supplied By Steve Chapples












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Major Artistes

 at Th'Imp..

With dates.

By Steve Chapples



Ronnie Aldritch

& the Squadronnaires                    15/2/58     26/9/59  

Amen Corner                                    25/5/68    4/4/69

Animals                                             15/8/64

P.P. Arnold                                        29/5/67    28/7/67    6/4/68

Ashton, Garden & Dyke                  27/3/71

Eric Ashworth                                   Jan & Feb 59 All Year

Atomic Rooster                                31/12/70

The Avons                                         27/1/61


The Bachelors                                  9/5/59        25/9/64

KennyBall                            22/9/62 10/12/62 19/10/65 


Bunny Bakers’ Broadcasting Band                           22/3/63

Kenny Baker                                    24/5/58      20/3/64

Long John Baldry                            11/12/64    16/12/67

The Bandwagon                              21/12/68

Chris Barber                                    9/3/57        19/10/57     8/9/62

Barron Knights                                18/6/64

John Barry                                       12/2/61      20/5/61      8/12/61

                                                                              30/3/62      18/8/62      6/3/63

Beatles                                            11/5/63      31/7/63


Paul Beattie Skiffle Group             27/4/57

Jeff Beck                                          5/8/67

William Bell                                     31/8/68      30/11/68    24/5/69

Cliff Bennett                                    15/9/62

Ivy Benson All Girls Band             25/3/61

Dave Berry                                      27/5/67     23/12/67

Mike Berry                                       19/8/61      11/8/62      23/2/63

The Big Three                                  8/1/66

Acker Bilk                                        28/5/60      5/10/63

Cilla Black                                       27/3/64     

Blodwyn Pig                                   12/12/70  

Bluto                                                2/1/71

Bob & Earl                                       31/5/69

Brook Bros.                                     6/1/62

Joe Brown                                      14/11/63

Eric Burdon                                    12/8/67

Johnny Burnette                           9/11/63

The Byrds                                       3/8/65


Johnny C                                        22/2/69

Eddie Calvert                                23/10/59

Caravelles                                     19/10/63

Ronnie Carroll                               2/3/62

Rhodes Carroll & Orchestra       12/3/65

Casuals                                          9/11/68      23/8/69

The Chants                                    26/6/64

Dick Charlesworth & The City Gents        17/3/62

Chicken Shack                              27/6/69

Chiffons                                         17/6/67

Clyde Valley Stompers               28/4/62

Coasters                                        15/2/69

Alma Cogan                                   23/5/59

Colosseum                                    16/4/71

Ken Colyer Jazzmen                    3/3/62

Arthur Conley                               1/4/67

Jess Conrad                                  6/4/62

Jimmy Crawford                          23/6/62

Cream                                            8/4/67

Crying Shames                             15/10/66

Crystals                                          3/8/68        23/11/68

Cuddly Duddly                              12/9/59

Cupids’ Inspiration                      17/8/68

Curved Air                                     28/2/71


Dallas Boys                                   22/9/61

Mike Daniels & The Delta Jazzmen           12/5/62

Johnny Dankworth       9/2/57  7/12/57  27/9/58   14/3/59    22/8/59 15/10/60   6/10/61

Tommy Daykin & Band               1957    All Year

Eric Delaney                                  6/4/57      7/9/57    24/10/59

Terry Dene                                     6/6/59      15/4/61

The Dennisons                              16/11/63

Karl Denver Trio                            30/96/61    12/5/67

Bo Diddley                                     15/4/67

Donovan                                        12/6/65

Lee Dorsey                                    25/10/69

Craig Douglas                               23/8/63

The Drifters                                   14/12/68    3/5/69       20/9/69      9/5/70

Dubliners                                       28/7/67      24/11/67

Johnny Duncan                             22/2/58      10/6/61

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound                3/2/68


Vince Eager                                   7/9/63 to judge a beat contest

Eagles                                            25/5/63

Kenneth Earl                                 13/6/59     

Easybeats                                     22/5/67              

Duane Eddy                                   11/5/68

Ray Ellington                                 15/2/57      15/3/58     

Equals                                             5/10/68

The Escorts                                    20/3/63


Adam Faith                                    2/12/61      14/2/64      21/8/65

Marianne Faithful                          8/5/65

Georgie Fame                                15/4/65

Flee Rekkers                                   8/4/61

Fleetwood Mac                               5/6/71

Flintstones                                      5/8/61

Flirtations                                       24/8/68

Flower Pot Men                              4/11/67

Eddie Floyd                                      1/4/67

Wayne Fontana                             14/8/65      18/267

Emile Ford                                      22/4/60  16/10/62 16/12/62   5/5/62  19/5/62  9/3/63

Ernie Forster & Band                    25/2/61

Lance Fortune                                29/4/61

Fortunes                                         30/10/65    14/1/67

Foundations                                   19/1/68      20/4/68     28/12/68     12/1/69

Fourmost                                        14/3/64



The Four Pennies                           21/9/63      29/11/63     31/12/63    22/8/64     

Charlie & Inez Foxx                      2/11/68      17/5/69

Freddie & The Dreamers              17/8/63      18/12/63    13/6/64     27/8/66

Free                                                 20/2/71

Billy Fury                                        29/8/59      21/11/59   16/10/65     24/9/66


Gengis Khan                                   26/12/70

Gerry & The Pacemakers             4/5/63        21/9/63      7/3/64       18/12/65

Julie Grant                                      17/1/64

Groundhogs                                   14/11/70

Reg Guest Combo                         16/6/62


Russ Hamilton                               28/3/58      6/11/59

Tommy Hansen Showband         5/1/63                                    

Wee Willie Harris                          9/5/59        11/11/61

Jet Harris & Tony Meehan           8/3/63        22/6/63

Bill Hayley & The Comets            2/9/64

Ted Heath                                       3/5/57

Hedgehoppers Anonymous        11/12/65

Heinz                                               20/6/64

Jimi Hendrix                                   6/5/67

Clarence Frogman Henry            31/12/69

The Herd                                         19/8/67      30/8/69

Herman’s Hermits                         4/9/65

Johnny Hobson Skiffle                   8/11/57

Michael Holliday                            29/3/57

Hollies                          17/4/63  1/2/64  29/8/64  20/2/65     2/10/65     30/5/66     30/7/66

Honeycombs                                  4/12/65

John Lee Hooker                            22/5/65

Engelbert Humperdinck                8/3/67


Impressions                                   16/9/68

Big Dee Irwin                                  4/4/64

Ivy League                                      13/3/65


J. J. Jackson                                    2/8/69

Root’n Jenny Jackson                    6/9/69

Tony Jackson & The Vibrations    24/10/64    5/6/65

Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers         26/5/62      20/11/64

John St John                                    23/8/69

David John & Mood                         2/5/64        17/6/65

Johnny & The Hurricanes              2/2/63

Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon            10/10/70

Juicy Lucy                                        24/10/70

Mary Johnson                                  22/3/69      4/10/69

Paul Jones                                        23/1/67

Tom Jones                                        10/4/65      26/6/65


Eden Kane                                9/9/61      6/5/62      20/4/63      23/5/64     7/11/64   24/12/65

Johnny Kidd                                     4/3/61     12/10/63    11/4/64     12/9/64

Ben E. King                                       28/3/69

Sammy King & The Voltairs          24/5/64

King Bees                                         22/5/64

King Bros.                                         4/10/57      3/2/61

King Size Taylor & The Dominoes               19/6/64

Kinks                                       8/8/64  4/6/66        1/10/66   28/1/67      2/9/67       6/1/68

Kathy Kirby                                      10/1/64

Ivor & Basil Kirchin Band              12/5/66      22/3/57     31/5/58

Billy J. Kramer                                 4/5/63         2/11/63     9/5/64      5/12/64


Cleo Lane                                          9/2/57        10/3/62

Don Lang

and the Frantic Five                       17/1/58       2/10/59

Jerry Lee Lewis                               19/5/62      15/10/66

Vic Lewis & Orchestra                    2/11/57

John Leyton                                     13/10/62    23/2/63      10/8/63

Terry Lightfoot                                12/8/61      21/1061      15/10/68

Little Richard                                   17/5/64      26/11/66

Humphrey Littleton                       11/5/57       11/1/58       14/11/59     14/1/61

The Locomotive                              7/2/70

Dennis Lotis                                    22/11/57

Love Affair                                       15/6/68        21/9/68       18/10/69    19/9/70

Love Sculpture                                1/2/69     9/8/69

Lovin’ Spoonful                                 8/11/69     

Lulu                                                   10/10/64

Kenny Lynch                                    19/8/61


Ken Mackintosh                               7/2/58       28/11/59

Pete Maclaine and The Clan         24/8/63

Manfred Mann                                 15/5/64      31/7/65   16/4/66       3/12/66      13/5/67

The Marauders                                10/11/62

Marmalade                                      27/7/68      1/11/69

Tex Matthews & The Caribbean Steel Band          26/3/65  

Chas McDevitt & Shirley Douglas                            6/4/58        19/6/59      

Medicine Head                                12/6/71

George Melly with Mick Mulligans’ Band                1/6/57   12/4/58

Merseybeats                                    9/1/65     24/4/65    22/1/66

Bob Miller and The Millermen        5/12/69

Gary Mills                                          20/1/61      5/8/61

Garnet Mimms                                 23/11/68

Mindbenders                                    11/2/67   10/8/67    30/12/67

Mojos                                                  16/10/64

Chris Montez                                    12/4/63     

The Mood                                          20/11/65

The Moody Blues                             20/3/65

Lionel Moreton Four                       24/8/63      21/9/63    25/2/67      5/8/67    27/10/67

Move                                                 4/5/68

Mungo Jerry                                     3/4/71        4/9/71


Nashville Teens                              23/1/65

Nero & The Gladiators                   13/5/61      16/9/61

New Savona Orchestra                 17/2/61

The Nice                                           26/10/68

Jimmy Nichol & The Shubdubs    28/11/64


Pacemakers                                    28/7/62

Jack Parnell                                     22/2/57

Peppi & The New York Twisters   20/4/62

Johnny Peters & The Crestas       6/10/62

Sid Phillips & Band                         21/9/57

Piltdown Men (Sons of)                 10/8/63

Pink Floyd                                        30/9/67      10/2/68

Pinkertons’ Assorted Colours       5/3/66

Robert Plant                                     17/2/68

Platters                                             19/10/68    7/6/69        6/12/69

Brian Poole & The Tremeloes        31/8/63

Mike Preston                                    24/3/61

Pretty Things                                   29/5/65      14/1/67

Dickie Pride                                      18/4/61

P.J. Proby                                         7/8/64        27/3/65      7/8/65

                                                           15/1/66      16/3/68

Bobby Purify                                    13/12/69


Tommy Quickly                               10/8/63      30/5/64


Rainmakers                                       20/7/63

The Ramrods                                   17/11/63

Terry Randall & Band                     25/5/57

The Rattles                                      24/4/64

Ravens                                              23/6/62

Otis Redding                                    1/4/67

Ken Reece & Band                          2/8/63

Andre Rico                                       5/12/58

Richie                                                21/2/70

Danny Rivers                                   17/2/62

Smokey Robinson                           7/9/68

Tommy Roe                                     26/10/63

Rolling Stones                                 1/5/64        25/7/64

Max Romeo                                     13/9/69

Ronettes                                          3/8/68

Jimmy Ruffin                                   6/3/71


The Saints                                        27/4/57

Sam & Dave                                     1/4/67

Chris Sandford                                22/2/64

Mike Sarne                                       25/8/62

Screaming J. Hawkins                   25/2/65      23/2/69

The Searchers                                 25/1/64      16/1/65      19/6/65        20/11/65

Del Shannon                                    1/6/63

Helen Shapiro                                 2/10/64

Sandie Shaw                                   18/9/65

Small Faces                                         6/11/65      19/2/66      22/4/67        18/4/69

The Smythe Bros.                          21/6/69

Sounds Incorporated                    17/6/61      29/11/61    19/5/62

Spencer Davis Group     12/3/66      28/4/66      3/7/66  3/9/66    7/1/67        19/5/67

                                                                                                                               7/11/67      2/3/68

Dusty Springfield                           17/1/64      8/1/66

Crispian St Peter                            5/3/66

Edwin Starr                                     12/10/68    24/1/70

Status Quo                                      23/6/68     26/9/70

Cat Stevens                                    4/3/67        10/6/67

Swinging Blue Jeans                     10/4/64      14/11/64


Booker T. & The M.G.s                 1/4/67

Felice Taykor                                19/10/68

The Temperance Seven              24/3/62

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee                21/10/61

Joe Tex                                           18/1/69

Them                                               6/3/65        2/4/66

Carla Thomas                                14/2/70

Johnny Thunder & The Thunderbeats      29/1/65

Johnny Tillotson                            30/10/64

The Toledoes                                  6/5/61

Traffic                                              24/2/68

Tremeloes                                      29/4/67      13/1/68

T-Rex                                               23/1/71

Troggs                                             13/8/66      18/11/66   25/11/67    9/3/68     24/12/69

Ike & Tina Turner                           27/4/68

Twinkle                                            1/5/65


The Undertakers                           28/2/64

Unit 4 Plus 2                                   15/5/65

Uriah Heap                                     15/5/71


Ricky Valance                                15/4/61

Van der Graff Generator              6/11/70

Vanity Fair                                     15/11/69

Malcolm Vaughn                           13/6/59

Gene Vincent                                 28/1/61      8/3/61        17/6/61    24/11/64    2/9/64

Viscounts                                       17/11/61


Junior Walker                                 20/10/67    25/1/69

John Walker                                   26/8/67      7/10/67

Gary Walker (Leeds)                    29/3/68     

Walker Bros.                                  24/7/65      27/8/65

Bob Wallis & The Storyville Jazzmen      4/8/62

Geno Washington                             2/12/67      12/4/68      14/9/68       29/11/69

Chris Wayne                                  28/1/61

Mary Wells                                     10/5/69

Alex Welsh & Band                       10/8/57      2/6/62

Keith West                                      23/9/67

White Plains                                   3/10/70

The Who                                          11/9/65      29/1/66      1/10/66        11/11/67

Marty Wilde                                    8/2/64

Danny Williams                              24/2/62      30/3/63

Windmill                                          3/1/70

Tobias Wolfe                                   31/7/71

Stevie Wonder                               14/10/67

Brenton Wood                                31/1/70


Yana                                                16/10/59

Yankee Clippers                            17/9/71

Yardbirds                                        26/3/66

Yes                                                   24/4/71

Jimmy Young                                 18/1/57


The Zephyrs                                    12/6/64

The Zombies                                   19/12/64








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