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Keith Wright's Rig.. 

SAI - Selmer


Keith Wright of The Bluenotes and formerly of The Wigan band The Sportsmen

plays his Fender Stratocaster through SAI speakers with a Selmer Amp.


"As with all officianado guitarist's of rock 'n roll, they are always on the look-out for an original sound of their very own. Ten out of ten for this rig Keith. With his throw-back rig of the 1970's he's achieved it in spades. Are you listening Peavey et al..?"

Bill Hart: January 2011


Mrs Kearns Music Shop



"I noticed my dad's music shop mentioned on here and wondered if any of you knew me? My dad was Bill Kearns, who had the shop opposite St. Mary's Church, Standishgate, Wigan. Sadly, my dad died in the late 50's, age 53, when I was in my late teens. My mum, with my help, kept the business going for a while, but in the end had to close, as it was losing money. I made a lot of friends among the customers, One of who's funeral I attended at St.Johns only last Thursday was Gordon Urmston, who was a well-known drummer.


   I have some good memories from the shop, one day. Bert Weedon came in for new strings for his guitar (anyone remember him?) He had a gig in town, I think at The ABC Ritz, but he did stay a while and played us a few tunes!"

Tony Kearns: August 2010



The Linear Diatonic Amplifier



"My first amplifier was a 'Linear Diatonic'. These were available in the early 1960s either Ready Built, or in Kit form. There's an old advert here. It's the High Fidelity 12-14 Watt Amplifier, for 8 Gns (£8. 8/- : or £8-40p). I think they were later advertised at 12 Gns. Here it is..





"Three pics showing the LD amp in various states of undress. It also had the optional cage cover accessory with the handles, well-showing its 'vintage'."






In The Biggining.. 



                                    Watkins Rapier                          Watkins Dominator Amp'.


I suspect these three pics are copyrighted. So enjoy the pleasure of them now..

just in case I am infringing exclusive copyrights and I have to remove them  - after

I get out of jail.  


     Selmer Zodiac




"I bought a homemade bass from a second hand shop (junkshop) near the River Douglas Bridge - at the beginning of Poolstock Lane, Wigan in 1968 - for thirty bob (£1. 50). It looked bloody awful but it didn't have a bad sound. The next one was a Hofner for £15 from Jack Mathews at Dawsons and like everyone else I suppose gradually worked up to a decent one.

^Bassman: Wigan World: May 2010


"In 1960 got a left handed "Vox Bassmaster" direct from the Vox factory. My first amp' was a "Watkins Westminster" bought from Darwin's music shop at the corner of Shaw Street, St. Helens. The Bass guitar didn't have a truss rod and the strings ended up about half an inch from the fret board."

^Bluesman: Wigan World: May 2010



Vintage Record Player's..


"These are the machines which spin your dreams

 at 78s - 45s - 33s Revolutions Per Minute..

We listened to the 'Stars': We dreamed our dreams.." 

Bill Hart: August 2010


 Bush Portable Record Player:

Circa 1955




Barry Warmsley ex-lead guitar with Rhythm & Blues Incorporated shows me a red box on his counter. "This a new venture of mine." He shows me a vintage top-of-the-range Bush Inter-Changable Record Player circa 1955.



Hi-Fidelity                                   HMV 


"I've got more coming in shortly, around forty or so of them - all makes. All in good working order and now on-sale including this; a 1960's 'Hi-Fidelity' model, which back 'then'", he adds, "Everybody had. And this too here in the shop window is a real show stopper. A 1930's HMV (His Masters Voice) 78 rpm 'irrisistable' collectors model. Remember by opening the two front doors, the volume can be increased! In full working order but no wind-up handle: £65. A snip!"

By Bill Hart: Aug 2010


 *"I got my first guitar second-hand. I had no idea of the make but part-exed it at Mrs Kearns (Billy's mother?) in Wigan Lane, Standish Gate for a Hofner and a Vox amp’. Then I bought a Copycat Echo Unit. I kept on pt/xing until I ended up with a Fender Stratocaster exactly like Hank Marvin’s (and arthritic hands) in The Shadows. I don't ‘do-out’ anymore. Anyway, I'm too old and decrepit."

^fivestarbry: July 2010


  "I have a 1953 Hofner Committee acoustic with an Armstrong jazz pick-up.

It came from Wesley Music, Southport."

^rf22vfl: Wigan World: July 2010 


"First: instrument was a Hohner Super Chromonica, from Grimes, Wigan
Second: A Boosey & Hawkes Tenor Trombone, from Billy Kearns, bottom of Standishgate, Wigan.
Third: A Hofner President guitar, from the same shop."

^(c)art(c): Wigan World: July 2010


"I bought a Watkins Dominator and Watkins left-handed guitar from shop in Hallgate, Wigan. I couldn't afford anything else. I got my dad to sign for them on HP. As I've got older and older

and richer and richer I've got 12 guitars, including a Gretsch Country Classic, a Gibson starbust, Martin 12 string, Rickenbaker 330, a fantastic Guild and an Ovation Custom Balladeer. The list goes on and on.. and quite a few gismo's to boot. Oh to have money when your young."

^Keith Pennington: Wigan World: June 2010


"I bought my first guitar from Dawsons in 1964; the one near Bricklayers Arms, Wigan. They took my old one in part exchange. Jack said, 'call back friday morning.' I went back and looking in the window, there was my old guitar with a sign saying 'very rare hand-made in Italy: £800'. Jack gave me £14 in part-ex' for it so you can imagine the next coversation I had with him? Then he said, 'April-Fool Brian.' Jack was a gentleman as others will agree who met him."

^brianjgreen: Wigan World: June 2010 



A Drummer and his Kits..




  "Me; the Shyms drummer and a second-hand £15 'Beverley' Kit in 1962 from Mrs Kearns Shop. Just a snare and a bass drum. Krut cymbal & hi-hat: Uggg! -

"I got better sound dropping a dust-bin-lid on a flagged floor."


I added second-hand floor tom and hanging tom in white smoke-stained pearl later at a cost of £30 from W Leylands shop in Darlington Street, Wigan; opposite the Gas Works.

1963 (Pic R above) My first 'pro'-kit: Premier with Ludwig 400 snare drum: In burgundy with unknown cymbals. Note the rope attached between the seat and  the bass drum. Cost back then: £200.



           1968: Brand spanking new..               Same bass drum head 2010? - Yes!   


My (Circa) October 1967 dated Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwig Super Classic. Rogers fittings, Zidjian Cymbals. Cost back then: £645. Cost today: Priceless.."


  2010: In the studio..        



Charlie Watts with the same kit as mine but four years

before me in 1964 at The Imp' in Nelson.

 Bill Hart: Aug 2010 


The BEL Cavern Amp'



This Amp' was made by Bendix who were also making washing machines at the time. I remember my mate Colin Ashton asking if I got a complimentary packet of Persil in the back?


An old ad' for my Ipso Facto amp' -

the wonderful BEL Cavern..

   It was a bit of a gamble buying it because it was a transistor Amp, and were very new and untrusted by guitar player's at the time. It had a fantastic tone, and although it couldn't compete with the other guitar player Brian Spud' Rudd's Selmer Amp' in volume. It turned out to have a neat trick up its sleeve: It stayed clean up to number 7 on the  volume dia - then it would DISTORT!!! YIPPEE!!!.


 This was well before fuzz-boxes came out and it was a great musical distortion anyway.
Ipso Facto used it in this fashion for quite a few songs.


 It never broke down once, and we also used it for emergency use on PA, Bass etc when other 'posher' amps packed-in. I have only ever seen one other, and I always felt sorry for the Bendix Company that the guitar players of the time never gave this great Amp' a real chance.
Mitch Mitchinson: August 2010 



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