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 The Sabres: The Hammers: The Magic Lanterns

St Helens


 First ever Sabres pic before Ian Moncur and Maurice Tickle joined. 


Ken Hobin: Rhythm Guitar. Derek Jolley: RIP - Bass Guitar, Allan Wilson: Drums.

Pete Bond: Lead Guitar - Vocals. Richard Ashton & Ken Lilley: Lead Vocals.

**Pic: Allan Wilson.


      Vince Reno & The Sabres taken in action at St Vincents School, Derbyshire Hill, St Helens around 1961. The line up is Vince Reno - aka Maurice Tickle, Pete Bond - lead guitar, Allan Wilson  - drums, Ken Hobin- rhythm guitar and Ian Moncur- bass guitar.

Allan Wilson: March 2011



*New pics.. Pete Bond: March 2011


 St Helens Town Hall

Pete Bond: Lead Guitar - Vocal.  Bert Griffiths: Manager.  Allan Wilson: Drums.

Ken Hobin: Rhythm Guitar - Vocal. Maurice Tickle: Lead Vocal.

Ian Moncur: Bass Guitar - Vocal  



Ken Hobin     Maurice Tickle       Pete Bond


 "The Sabres became Vince Reno & The Sabres - to avoid confusion with the Liverpool band, Denny Seyton & The Sabres - and were formed at the end of 1961. We played the local ballrooms, Leigh Casino, Hindley Monaco, Co-op Ballroom's in St Helens, Leigh, Warrington etc as well as The Cavern with Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated - Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker, drums. The Hollies also played that night as did about six or seven other bands.


We were in no way connected to Godley and Crme - 10cc - of the Manchester Sabres.


Also Jimmie Bilsbury did not join The Sabres till about 1964 or 1965 when the name Vince Reno was dropped and the band then became The Hammers then later The Magic Lanterns.


  Snowy Night in Buffalo

  Whilst driving through Buffalo New York State one snowy night in 1971 my radio was tuned to a 1960s station. What came on but the song Shame Shame. The presenter was doing a count-down of top twenty hits for a particular month/year and Shame Shame came in at number 17. I almost drove the car into a ditch. I also remember driving The Magic Lanterns down to London to make their second record Rumplestilskin in 1966. I think that was a great record but didnt do too well on the charts. I still keep in touch with Ian Moncur the bass player and what a great friend he is after 45 years.



Vince Reno & The Sabres play the St Helens Plaza


  Please, Bill, keep up the great work on Lanky Beat. Ive been marooned out here in Canada for forty years so its just great to talk to some guys who know where Im coming from. Hope this info' helps the site! All the best."

Ken Hobin: November 2010




"The Sabres entered a 'beat group' competition and we won our heat at the final was in The Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead. The overall wiinners were Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Freddie Who?)"

Allan Wilson: Pic: Ken Hobin: May 2011



St. Vincents church hall in St Helens. Maurice - Allan - Ian - Peter




"Still hacking it:  50 years on.."



"The band formed in and around the St.Helens area back in 1961. Back then we were known just as The Sabres. However, in 1962 after a couple of personnel changes we added Vince Reno to The Sabres so as not to clash with Liverpool band Denny Seyton & The Sabres. Our line up consisted then of Maurice Tickle aka; Vince Reno - vocals, Pete Bond on lead guitar.. Ken Hobin, rythmn guitar, Ian Moncur, bass guitar and myself Allan Wilson on drums.


  The idea for the reunion came from Ken Hobin. Ken had emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the mid seventies and he and his wife were coming back to the UK for a short holiday to see family and friends. Through the internet Ken contacted Maurice, Ian and myself so we could get together for a meal and share some long lost memories. Pete wasnt on the internet so thanks to the Lanky Beat website we were able to contact him. Firstly, four of us met up as Ken was still in Canada and I think it was Maurice suggested that maybe we do a proper reunion and do a couple of gigs.


  Thanks to Bill Hart offering us a gig at a Lankykats rock night, it spurred us on to do something and get serious. We managed to fit in a few rehearsals inbetween holidays etc, and it began to grow on us. This was just the four of us without Ken. We made a date to play at Lankykats on Thursday 18 October.


  Ken came over on the 9 October and we had our first rehearsal with him on the 12th thanks to Mark at Leigh Miners Club for the use of the room. We then played a warm up gig at the Musketeer pub in Leigh on Sunday night 14 October, which went very well and then onto a final rehearsal at the Liverpool Arms pub in St. Helens on the 16th - again thanks to landlord Andy for the use of the room.


  We played the gig at Lankykats to ram-packed Standish Unity Club and it turned out to be a night which none of us will ever forget.



  We have since been approached to do other gigs and on Thursday 10 January 2013 we are returning to Lankykats but sadly without Canadian Ken. However well just have to wait and see; you just never know what might happen in this unpredictable rock n roll business!"

Allan Wilson November 2012






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