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Graham Hill & The Inclines: The Whelley Beats: The Kibbos: Rainbow Cottage 



Graham Hill: Lead Guitar - Vocal, Brian Perry: Rhythm Guitar:

Paul Bass: Bass guitar. Paul Fairhurst: Drums.
"I was part of a school band, or group as they were known then, with Graham Hill and Brian Perry and The Shakers used to let us practice with them. Our ages would be 13/14yrs.
  Tony Benfold's reference on The Shakers page on Lanky Beat  - as to the guitars being made at school is correct and a short clip was featured on Granada TV. Click-on to the following Youtube clip..

  It is called the History of British Rock Part 1 and features this news item from Granada TV.  
  2 mins 47secs in to the video you will see a left handed player that is Graham Hill followed by Graham, Brian Perry and Mick Jolly playing the guitars some of which were made in the woodwork class. The woodwork teacher was Mr. Thompson and the English teacher Paul Beuer used to give guitar lessons after school. I'm not sure if all the guitars on the photos are the ones made in school. It's a long time ago and I know the was a mixture of acoustic and electric made. I have tried to get the full news item from Granada without success. There was also an item on Pathe News at the cinema unfortunately it is no longer in the archives. 
  Only Graham Hill went on to greater things. Although later on we had a bass player not from our school called Paul Bass who I understand may still be playing. I can remember Graham's cousin Tony Benfold laterly of Schooner and other bands coming to help out with our fledgling group. The group evolved from the one in the pics to the line-up listed above.




Graham Hill - Brian Perry - Paul Fairhurst - Brian Ellis - Derek Green.


  Some of these guitars were made in woodwork classes in Whelley Secondary Modern School and of particular note is Graham Hill's custom built left-handed guitar. Graham eventually became a member of The Kibbos - who were all left handed - and then he later turned professional with Rainbow Cottage.

  I have to point out that I don't consider myself to be a musician at all - although I'm an avid music lover. I had to borrow a set of drums whenever we played but they were great times -perhaps we were the first ever Punk band?
  We did play at School dances, St Georges Church Hall, the band stand in the Wigan Park and our peak was a wedding at The Alexandra Pub, Whelley Wigan when the bass player from The Hollies was a guest.
I think we were called The Pursuers at that time having been The Whelley Beats and Graham Hill & The Inclines previous to that.
  We just enjoyed ourselves as many others did in the sixties. I can remember us sitting listening to my Ferguson tape recorder deciphering words to songs such as 'The Price of Love" by the Everly Bros. It would be 1965 and being gobsmacked by the technology. The Shakers had an echo chamber - which was basically two tape heads side by side, one of them recorded the sound and the other played back milli-seconds later giving the echo effect..  
  Below is a copy of an application form for a 'Beat Contest' on Ready Steady Go called Ready Steady Win which we sent for. The date on it is 28th Sept 1964.  



Sadly The Pursuers were too young to enter as you will see below..


  As I said great times never to be repeated and as the great Van Morrison says, 'It's all been done - there is nothing new.'"

Paul Fairhurst: February 2014






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