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L'Ringos: The Lemmings:

Ashton in Makerfield


Les Saint Stuart: Lead Guitar - Vocal. Bob Taylor: Bass Guitar. Gerry Watt: Piano.
 Alan Grindley: Drums. Bob McKinley: Guitar - Lead Vocal.




  Middle: Bob McKinley

Lanky Beat receives many enquires regarding the former front man of The Long & The Short's, Bob McKinley and his 'mysterious' whereabouts these days.. "Is he still performing - where does he live - is he going bald yet? - No.. I made that last one up! Here's a message from Frank..                                                                                            Bill Hart

"Well Bill.. here's the good news.. Bob has been in touch and he wants all Lankylanders to know that you are welcome to visit, any day in his local the Sir Thomas Gerard in Ashton-in-Makerfield - Wetherspoon's Pub. You'll find him there most days and he hasn't done any singing for about six years. He welcomes visitors and polite correspondence between 10: 30am and 1: 00."                                                                                                                                          Frank Leyland: November 2011



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Signed by Irene Larby - Working for the L.E. Agency, Wigan.


Roy Davies: August 2011



Bob McKinley

19th All-Time Place. 
The British Country Music Hall of Fame


L'Ringos brick in the Cavern Wall of Fame - Liverpool.


"This skiffle group were formally known as The L'Ringos which won a beat contest watched by Decca Chief Dick Rowe. In August 1964 they appeared in a film called 'Night at Beat City' which was set at Londons Beat City Club, As it goes I think I had been in Beat City club in Oxford Street in my yoof. They split around 1965.'The Long & The Short' released two singles and both were on Decca..

1. The Letter/Love Is A Funny Thing: 1964: Charted at No 30.
2. Choc Ice/Here Comes The Fool 1964: Charted at No 46.


 "I didn't know the band or and neither did I ever hear The L&TS play. I just used to knock-around with Bob McKinley in London after the group folded. He was a great guy. I just saw Lanky Beat and in a fit of nostalgia I really wondered where he might be now.?"

Robin Holland: June 2010



"1964 saw this TL&TS appear in the now cult-nonsense-pop-film 'Gonks Go Beat'. William Leyland of LE Agency, Wigan, gathered most of the bands together who made their silver screen debuts. Mike Hurst & Trekkers were a 'Lankyland named band of time who appeared with Lulu & The Lovers who took the starring role.


"Bob McKinley was always going to be an outstanding musician of his time who had all the ingedients to make it big in pop music sadly to no avail. However, his good looks and natural ability did keep him in the music scene longer than most. In the 1970s his musical affectations soon extended to the British version of the Americana Country Music scene and later on into Country Rock.


2009 brought him the award of 19th place Inductee in the all-time British Country Music Hall of Fame.


  With is band Dixie Fried he was noted for his fine delivery style with ballads and in rockabilly songs. He wrote some very successful songs including his English Born Dixie Fried signature number."

Bill Hart: September 2010




"Graham Hill of Rainbow Cottage was the young lad who Bobby Taylor - The Long & The Short - used to try and teach me to play the guitar during his dinner break."

David Darbyshire: June 2010

"They went on Top Of The Pops in 1964 with a record: 'The Letter'. It went to No.35 in the pop charts."

Marieg: Wigan World May 2010



"Bob McKinley of The Long & The Short: I knocked about with him when he was in London in the sixties. He sung late evenings in the pub where I used to work in New Cavendish Street, we would go to the Flamingo Club in Wardour Street - Heady Days and go to east-end pubs where he would often sing with the groups -The Two Puddings."



  "The Answers: Brian Gibbs then joined dear Graham Hill at Rainbow Cottage. Bobby Taylor apprentice painter and decorator for Almond Breweries at Standish - tried to learn a certain landlord's son to play the guitar at lunch times before joining The Long and the Short."


"I just read post about Bob McKinley. Played with him in the '70s. He was studying at HullUniversityat the time and was a gentleman and a scholar. He eventually went to Nashville Tennesse and did very well. Really nice lad."

^KatieD: Wigan World: May 2010



"I have known Bob McKinley from when he was in the Long & The Short in the sixties. We used to go to see him when he did country and western in the clubs. I know he still lives in Abram Nr Wigan, but does anyone know if he still does any singing?"

Anon: May 2010



"I am a friendof Bobs from when we lived in the Bryn Area, Ashton-in-Makerfield nr Wigan. I am a bit younger 59 - than Bob and used to go and watch him and the lads practice at StPeters Church Hall on Bryn Road. I noticed this in the Wigan Evening Post about Bob I went on to come and watch Billyshym of - The Shyms at Room at the Top with my mate from Goose Green, Brian Holland: Ollie to his mates. 

David Fairhurst: August 2010 



Pic courtesy Roy Davies: February 2011


"I remember seeing Bob McKinley of The Long & The Short at Wigan Rugby Union Club and they were then called The Lemmings - and very good they were too. Very Rock and roll, but that's Bob - a cracking rock and roll singer. He ended-up in a later incarnation of The Mojos from Liverpool." 
Mitch Mitchinson: March 2010




Roy Davies: August 2011


"Bob Mckinley is my cousin. I delivered newspapers to their house, and when the band got back from London, having just recorded The Letter, I was collecting the papermoney on Friday afternoon and Bob played the record for me. I believe I was the first public person to hear it before it was released."

Jean Mills: August 2012




Gerry Watt





Solo Bob at the Beeb..



Bob McKinley: April 2014





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