"Kathy & The Boleros formed in Little Hulton, then part of Lancashire, as was Salford at the time. The original line--up consisted of Kenny Beddoes on Fender Duo Sonic and Selmer stadium amp, his brother Harry on fiesta-red Fender Jazz Bass and Selmer 50 watt Selectertone combo. Jack Whitehead on fiesta-red Fender Stratocaster through an AC30 and separate VOX cab and Binson echorec 2, Jim ? on Stratford Drums (Imported by Beeson: I have never seen another set of these since). Kathy Barnwell on vocals and Jim Brierley also on vocals.
  I replaced Harry Beddoes in around 1962-3 with my modest Hofner Artist bass and now highly collectable Watkins Dominator. Mine cost 38-19-6 unlike the 1000 that they now command.