Rod Gerrard: Lead Guitar. Chris Driver: Harmonica - Vocal. Tom Dewhurst: Drums.

Geoff Parkinson: Bass Guitar. Valentine Weaver: Keyboards
"Green Onions appear to have had only one live picture ever taken.
  When I left The Gonx I went for an audition with Farnworth based Green Onions as their bass player was leaving. I told them that I knew of a good guitarist who might suit them and they agreed to my pal Rod Gerrard coming along too. They were good players especially the organist Val Weaver but they played solely blues which have never been my cup of tea.
  They had a singer called Chris Driver who played great harmonica and was no slouch at blues bottleneck and picking but didn't play guitar with them and had no interest in buying a decent PA or committing to a more pro' approach. Rod and I were both invited to join and the picture enclosed is of a gig we did at either The Queens in Cleveleys or The Cosmo in Carlisle.
  I can remember almost every instrument that I have ever owned - in the hundreds, but these days I go upstairs and have to come back down to the kitchen to remember what I went up there for in the first place.
What I can remember about this or the other venue is that we played on the riser style stage and on the opposite wall, half way up was another stage with railings on which Lee Wade & The Wild Ones put on an impressive show. I think they had a TVM or Fradan PA. I can also remember that it was supposed to be the Yardbirds gig but they pulled out for some reason.
  The line-up was Rod Gerrard ex Hells Angels with Harmony H77 and blonde Fender tremolux combo. Chris Driver on harmonica and vocals, Tom Dewhurst on drums, myself on Framus Hawk bass - not to be recommended; a homemade wardrobe cab with 18 Fane and 50 watt Linear concord head. Lastly, Valentine Weaver on Farfisa compact organ through a Vox AC 30 .
  Eventually we decided to take a more contemporary direction musically and Chris left, we changed our name to Outrage after a Booker T song title. Val's father Jimmy bought a white Hammond M102 Rod and I both bought Selmer 100 watt treble and bass heads and 18 Goliath cabs  - Yes! Even one for guitar! Before we knew it we had increased our fee fourfold and were being managed by Don Read who was based at The Beachcomber Club on Bank Street, Bolton.
Geoff Parkinson: May 2014