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*One of only two Lanky Bands to have played at London's world famous.. 

Marquee Club.

Friday 11 December 1964

The other:*Little Free Rock


Hi Bill
I have also emailed Des Orielly in Australia to ask him about this omission from his potted history of bands in the Preston area. I used to live with Genie in Muswell Hill in the late 60s. I also knew 'Miffie' quite well and Ginner along with Tans Tyrrel on Deepdale Road. I attended the The Catacombs, later The Caves, so I'm no stranger to to 60s bands in Lancashire.
  I am baffled as to why Genie has been air brushed out of history. He is now in his 70s but he was a very good drummer and should not be forgotten.
John Main. London.




The Falcons: Sound Five: Purple Haze: Little Free Rock: Little Fat Black Pussycats



Peter Illingworth: Lead Guitar. Malcolm Fred Isherwood: Drums. David 'Miffy' Smith -David John: Lead Vocal. Rick Greenwood: Six-string Bass Guitar.



Rick Greenwood and Malcolm Fred Isherwood on drums..

The first version of David John & the Mood who were evolving from The Falcons..




David John - Malcolm Fred Isherwood - John Brierley - Peter Illingworth - Pete Atkinson


"Rick played on the first single, Pretty Thing but was replaced soon afterwards by John Brierley - from The Midnighters - Rob Dekka - electric piano, was replaced by Pete Atkinson on rhythm guitar before the recording so they played on the record."




Picture taken in Wales by Des O'Reilly from The Puppets at

John Brierleys' parents house in Harlech.





The Cavern Club Wall of Fame - Mathew Street, Liverpool




Records released by both Decca and Parlophone - the latter a Joe Meek production - made little impact chart-wise but are part of a collection of well made 45 singles of their time.

1963: The Original: 'David John & The Mood'.   

David John Smith: Vocal. Peter Illingworth: Guitar-Vocal. Robb Deka: Piano-Vocal. Rick Greenwood: Six-String Bass. Fred Isherwood: Drums.

After six months -

Rick was replaced by John Brierly on Bass, and Robb by Pete Atkinson on Guitar.

Robb Shenton: October 2010




"A leading singer of the regular group at my Catacombs Club in Preston was David John & The Mood. David Smith's nickname is 'Miffy'. The breaking-of-ice or putting it another way - the gaining of acceptance in strange new cities and their music venues always caused havoc to start with. I was even reminded quite recently by Miffy of the time when I was on the door trying my best to deter a nasty gang of drunken skinheads from getting in.


  At that time I had a police-trained Alsatian dog called Rex. Well this gang were not at all deterred by his barking or my threats of setting him free, for they retaliated by throwing a tail broken cat at him, which led to his chase of the cat, leaving me to try to fight off the gang alone. It was then that Miffy answered my screams for help by opening the club door just enough to pass me my requested hammer and saw. Now armed to the teeth so to speak, I evened up the odds by slashing and battering the legs of my attacker's sending them limping off into the night. 


  Miffy became quite famous in the music biz and even aspired to being in The Rolling Stones back-up group at many northern venues including my CubiKlub in Rochdale where DJ &TM filled in for their non-appearance. That was a disastrous night. The 'Stones' let me down badly when only Mick Jagger and Brian Jones arrived to do their £350 contracted stuff. The rest of then didn't show up at all. 


  All tickets were paid for in advance ofthe show and I had to pay it all back. That's when I went broke and went off to London. Incidentally I'm still waiting for their return booking as promised by Mick to play that gig at a later date. Read about it in Bill Wyman's book 'Stone Alone'."

Clive Kelly: March 2011



David John: Lead Vocal. Fred Mal Isherwood: Drums.

John Brierley: Bass Guitar - Vocal. Peter Atkinson: Rhythm Guitar - Vocal.

Peter Illingworth: Lead Guitar - Vocal.


*Extract from Manfred Kuhlmann's book: Sound With The Pound.








#Pics by Peter Illingworth


"In 1967 I was a founder member; keyboard - vocals of a North London band called ‘The Third Eye. In the summer of 1967 we played at many Summer Festivals. Also in 1967 we played The Marquee Club in Wardour Street - June 17, July 7, July 31, October 12.


  David John & The Mood’ and their incarnation Little Free Rock are noted to be the only ‘Lany Beat Preston bands’ to play The Marquee Club. DJ&TM on 11 December 1964 and Little Free Rock thereafter. Peter Illingworth was the only member of each band. But as you noted Bill, scouse band - the excellent ‘The Clayton Squares’ - played many gigs in 1966 at The Marquee. The Remo Four, also from Liverpool, played The Marquee -supporting Long John Baldry – Friday 15 Sept 1967, then supported Traffic again at the Marquee Tuesday 14 November. I don’t know if this was the original northern outfit that formerly backed Johnny Sandon."

Robb Shenton: June 2011 




#  #




















Record release flyer..


Record review..






#(c)Peter Illingworth: Sptember 2011



David 'Miffy' Smith R-I-P


David John & The Mood


  "So sad to hear the passing of David John 'Miffy' on March 3 2013.

David John & The Mood – one of the most influential and finest bands to come out of Preston in the 1960’s, their brand of Rhythm and Blues enjoyed a substantial and loyal fan following way beyond the reaches of their base in the North West, and ensured packed venues wherever they played.

They supported the Rolling Stones on tour, as well as many ‘Big Names’ of the time, but played to packed venues as ‘Headliners’ themselves.

The Mood were a great and skilled band of musicians – and fronted by David John made them extra special. They were hugely popular in their chosen genre of Blues music; although the life of the band was not long [Early 1964 to early 1966]., nevertheless the bands relative short life was heady, successful and popular.


  David’s super stage charisma and unique vocal approach drew much critical acclaim from reviewers and fans alike, David and the band enjoyed a brief but exceptional and musically creative existence.

David John and The Mood made two fabulous singles [produced by Joe Meek at HIS 304 Holloway Road Studios], “Bring It To Jerome” on Parlophone March 1965 – with the Stonkin’ B’ Side ‘I Love To See You Strut’, and “Diggin’ For Gold” released July 1965. Their first single ‘You Pretty Thing’ released on Decca/Vocalion in May 1964 – but wasn’t a Joe Meek Production. David was a big fan of the work of Bo Diddley, which was reflected in the recorded and stage material of David John & The Mood.


  Whatever the reason - and their are many views – why those super records, from a popular band of its time were not hits; yet it is reported this week – that copies of the two [Joe Meek recorded singles] are now changing hands this week - from £200 upwards. [some justice at last]. David’s great musicians in ‘The Mood’ created the setting for David to shine as a performer – they were - Peter Illingworth [Guitar] – Pete Atkinson [Guitar] – John Brierly [Bass] and Malcolm ‘Fred’ Isherwood [Drums]


  I was a member of the pre-recording days of David John & The Mood – and was pleased to say that I knew him.


  My sincere condolences to his widow Sue, family, friends and musical associates. There will be an abundance of tributes to David John, many that will be more eloquent and informative than mine., which I will look forward to seeing.


  For my small tribute contribution.. – I shall do a piece on David John & The Mood [and play a track or two of their releases] when I guest on Dell Richardson’s ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ Programme on Radio Caroline on Tuesday 25th June – from 6pm.

Rest in Peace ‘Miffy’."

Robb Shenton.. March 2013




Peter Illingworth: November 2014





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