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The Nightriders:  Ian & The Rebels: Chickory Tip:




Roy Smith: Guitar- Lead Vocal. Keith Hubbard: Lead Guitar - Vocal.

Ray Chapman: Bass Guitar - Vocal. Chris Kenny: Drums - Vocal.


"In November 1972 while performing for the Old Swan Technical college’s get-together at Liverpool’s Top Rank Ballroom, the band were approached by then manageress of the Cavern Club, Freda Mullins, with a view to playing at the club, a date was set and Caliban made their first appearance on 19th January 1973. Five further appearances ensued before the final performance when, being included by owner Roy Adams Caliban appeared on the bill for the final night at the original Cavern Club. The date was, Thursday 27th May 1973, the old club closed it’s doors forever at 6am Friday 28th May 1973.


  The bill for the final night was Merseyside bands; Strife, Wardog, Bilf Slat, Harpoon - later to become Nutz - Caliban, Supercharge and from London, Hackensack. The all-night session was recorded on The Rolling Stones mobile studio and was to be released by London Music Management, they offered Caliban a management-recording contract but, probably due to a little naivety on the bands part; negotiations broke down, never to be re-opened.


  A little later with the Cavern now closed, Roy Adams offered Caliban a spot on the opening night of the New Cavern which was to be situated in the old Fruit Exchange immediately across the road from the old club, the date set for the opening was 16th August 1973, ‘Caliban’ would be support to Roy Wood's Wizard. The evening certainly was eventful, requested by owner Roy Adams to be at the club for 2pm, the band arrived to find Roy Woods road crew in the process of setting up Wizard's equipment, Caliban's roadie Dave Lee asked when it would be convenient for him to set Caliban’s gear, and was told that he would have to wait till ’Wizard turned up for their sound check, as they were expected to arrive around 6pm. After words with Roy Adams, Dave and the band retired to the Grapes pub in Mathew Street. Wizard arrived on time at 6pm as stated and went about their sound check, with the check completed roadie Dave again tried to set Caliban’s gear only to be told by Roy Wood that he didn’t want a support band, it wasn't in his contract.



  After a lot of angry to-in' and fro-in' between Roy Adams and the Wizard management, Roy Adams informed Roy Wood that his contract was for the 16th of August and that he would honour that, they would perform at 10pm and must be clear of the building by midnight, Caliban could then set up and go on at 1am, which they did to a tremendous reception. Over the following year Caliban made numerous appearances at the New Cavern including being supported by now top rock act, Judas Priest. The New Cavern under new ownership later changed its name to Brady’s then to Eric’s, where-from a new breed of Merseyside talent hit the UK."


Roy Smith: Guitar - Lead Vocal. Keith Hubbard: Lead Guitar - Vocal.       

Ray Chapman: Bass guitar - Vocal. John McCauley: Drums - ex-Stoned Rose.

  On June 23rd 1974, drummer Chris Kenny played his final gig with the band, his illness had returned and he could no longer stand the rigours of life on the road. With replacement John McCauley in place, ‘Caliban’ continued to tour, but although John was a top drummer and while the band were still successful, things were never the same, and after a final gig at Warwick University, Caliban supported by St Helens band Gravy Train and the then unknown Cockney Rebel, closed the book on the bands heavy rock format.


  This should really have been the end of it but the band decided to go more main stream, a new drummer was needed, and John was replaced by one of Keith’s old school mates Ritchie Tallant, who was, at the time, un-employed due to the split up of Pepperbox. The new band began to rehearse a totally middle of the road repertoire. On returning from a six week tour of Norway, Caliban received an offer to become the new line up of hit pop band Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father, who, due to a complete split, were to be re-formed by management McCloud Holding, who had been contracted by Pete Hewson; leader and vocalist of the original band, to oversee the arrangement. The offer was accepted and the new Caliban became the new Chicory Tip.



 As Chicory Tip the band toured the UK and Scandinavia. Things were going well, but the contract came to an abrupt end when the band was asked to tour southern Ireland, it was the week that the Miami Show Band had been ambushed by the IRA and two of their members had been shot, the band refused to go, the Chicory Tip contract was cancelled immediately with no negotiation.


  The band became Caliban again, Ritchie left to join Beano and John McCauley returned. Now playing holiday parks and social clubs, Caliban went through a number of personnel changes until in 1979 .

Keith Hubbard: April: 2013





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