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The Dominoes: The Blues Set:The Illusions: The Rats:







Ronnie Carr and Kenny Fillingham R-I-P of The Beat Boys at Butlins Holiday Camp, Pwhelli, North Wales 1959..

Ronnie Carr: July 2012


Ronnie Carr plays 'Chalet Block' Rock..

"Watkins Westminster amp', Hofner guitar and quiff; all boxes ticked Ronnie..!

Michael 'Mitch' Mitchinson: December 2014


Rory Blackwell & Blackjacks - Ronnie Carr on the far right..




  Originally The Beat Boys started out as The Dominoes skiffle group in 1957 - 1958. By late 1958 we were organised quite well and used to go down the Bodega Bar in Cross St to watch Paul Beattie - he was really top man at the time, together with Karl Denver.


The Dominoes: 1956

Derek Whittle: Guitar. Johnny Blaine: Drummer. Ronnie Carr: Guitar.

Bill Jones: Tea-chest Bass. Frank Hindley: Guitar

Note: Bill Jones was the only member of the Musician Union to be registered

as an official Tea-chest bass player.


The Dominoes: 1959 

Kenny Fillingham: Lead Guitar. Eric Eastham: Drums.

Johnny Hodkinson: Lead Vocal, aka: Tony Allen.

Clive Powell: Piano; Georgie Fame to be. Ronnie Carr: Bass Guitar



                                           1957: Leigh British Legion: Ronnie Carr takes lead vocal..


Tony Allen/Johnny Goode stands at the rear in the rear middle

with Ronnie and Kenny either side. 


Ronnie Carr far right and Kenny Fillingham 2nd left - playing with

Rory Blackwell's Blackjacksat Butlins Pwllheli Holiday Camp, Wales in July 1959.

"We were recruited after a couple of lads in his band got sacked.."



 Rehearsal rooms..




Ronnie Simms: Drums. Ronnie Carr: Bass Guitar. Alan Parkinkinson: Lead Vocal.

Kenny Fillingham: Lead Guitar. Graham Talbot: Rhythm Guitar.




Ronnie and Kenny


Jimmy Bilsborrow played keyboards in his jacket and tie - The Bolton Palais stage

was a revolving one.. This is the only pic with Jimmy shown on it. 


The Beat Boys breaking the attendance record at The Bolton Palais in 1960.




 The Plaza Manchester 1960.

 Kennys Antroria has block-markers on the neck, so he must have used two different Antoria's in a very short time. Why? The mystery deepens..


  I bought Kenny Fillingham's Antoria LG50 Guitar as my first guitar. I was looking at some Lanky Beat pics, and it would seem that Kenny had at different times, possessed two of them. Mine had dot-neck-markers as in the first Beat Boys and in the Vince Taylor pics. So that's the one I bought from him.
Mitch Mitchinson: September 2010






Kenny Fillingham: Lead guitar. Ronnie Simms: Drums

Alan 'Parky' Parkinson: Lead Vocal.

Ronnie Carr: Bass Guitar: Malc' Grundy: Lead Guitar.


The band which all other bands looked up too - and more.. Trendsetting and laying a platform that many other musicians could only dream about - and all this from as early as 1956. In aspiring to these dizzy heights we had The Beat Boys to thank for it all. In Liverpool Rory Storm & The Hurricanes - The Beatles coming along later - were the bands' doing it - but it didn't stop many hundreds of others like me from trying to copy and emulate them.


  They were the consummate professionals and able and talented enough to secure work for many years, making rock 'n roll' music their first full-time profession when only the big dance hall orchestra's of the swing hey-day's could do so. What a legacy they left behind - ensuring them as being up there as all-time greats for evermore..

Bill Hart: June 2011  


Paul got us our first gig at The Bodega and also the El-Rio in Macclesfield, which helped us a lot and things took off and we changed our style to a more rocky type music. As The Beat Boys, we used to play in and around Manchester, mostly at The Twisted Wheel,St Bernadettes, Ritz and The Plaza. Jack Abadi from The Wheel took us under his wing and we travelled all over the place and enjoyed some wonderful moments.


  The highlights being many TV appearances, accompanying Gene Vincent, Memphis Slim, Screaming Jay Hawkins and a few more on their tours of England. We recorded with Decca and enjoyed great times from 1960-1965, when we decided to do our own thing.


  We all remain good friends and keep in touch by doing re-unions, and have raised large sums of money for charity.


Geoff Bibby











Leigh Casino Poster



The Granada TV contract for Ronnie Carr to appear on the 

current affairs programme 'Scene at 6: 30.. as a dancer: A bopper!

 Fee: £5.25 in today's money.


The Beat Boys supported to The Hollies in mid 1963 and at the Wigan Emp' 23 November.

They also played with Marty Wilde & The Wild Cats at Wigan Emp' in 1963.


The Beat Boys Web Page: Click on..





SJH in full swing, Ronnie Carr in full concentration and scull with fag on stick!


Advertising the London Flamingo club gig as part of a major tour..

The Beat Boys changed their name to the more appropriate title of 'The Blues Set'

as Alan Parkinson and Malc' Grundy left to form The (Lancashire) Rats.


Kenny Fillingham. Ronnie Carr. Ronnie Simms. George Twist.




Ronnie Carr and Kenny Fillingham with front man Screaming Jay Hawkins.. 


Screaming Jay Hawkins blowing sax and Ronnie Carr playing

Bass Guitar at the Ricky Tic Blues Club in Windsor, West London.



Ronnie Simms on drums just gets a look-in from SJH behind the caped crusader.. 



"One-time resident group at The Sportsmans Club in Wigan was The Illusions featuring Eddie Barker and your friend and mine Ronnie Carr of The Beat Boys. They did some tremenous stuff. Ronnie actually played organ and sang, sheer class. The organ was a Hammond L100 and the sound was outstanding."
Mitch Mitchinson: March 2010 


The Beat Boys


at the Cavern


"This was done at my 60th birthday party in 2000. My mate in Christian from Norway has been playing aboutwith the film and putall that Cavern bit on later. He is having a joke with me I think but it shows what can be done if you put your mind to it and Chris wasn't even there. UKFM; that’s what his company is called. But it was not filmed in the Cavern."


Ronnie Carr: October2010





Hindley Monaco Ballroom 1999..


LMWC- Leigh Miner's Welfare Club - 2000

Ronnie Carr. Keith Wright ex Sportsmen. Ronnie Simms. Kenny Fillingham. George Twist.



LMWC - 2000

Singing 'Ole' Shep'.. Alan Parkinson Ronnie, Kenny and George having a quick fag..



A Beat Boys re-union for the Lord Major's Charity.. 


 George Twist: The Town Mayor of Westhoughton: A member of The Beat Boys.

Venue: Westhoughton L C.


Town Mayor of Westhoughton Councillor George Twist - A Beat Boy..


Ronnie Carr: September 2011






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