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In Liverpool: Bill Hart wears his John Lennon Instant Kharma Tee-Shirt. 

The new Monument and Shrine is gifted to Europe by Global Peace Initiative of California USA 

as part of a global initiative to place one each, on each of the five Continents.


by Bill Hart

'You may say I'm a dreamer.'


What would Mr John Winston Lennon have made of Liverpool today the 9 October 2010 - his 70th Birthday..?



Yes.. Today was to have been his 70th birthday had he survived and yes too - you could hardly miss it! Unless that is  - you live quietly on the planet Mars. 


  The sun shone brilliantly and thankfully it was more-than-welcome-tee-shirt weather. A glorious blue sky filled the heavens above and that chilly wind from the Mersey - which always did take the edge off an otherwise nice day.. breezed healthily in and around the many pasty faces located here-in, of today, in downtown 



  "And I thought. "Yes.. He's smiling on us."


  I then began to think of him a little more deeply as I walked from Moorfields Station and down towards Mathew Street, home of the Cavern Club, Cavern Walks and the Hard Days Night Hotel. "What would he make of it all. The fuss, the memories, the music, the peace movement, the bed-in's, the assassination and now - the shear scale of his undoubted influence on the world back then and its unwaining amplified - effects into the year AD2010. 


So I Imagined. What if John Lennon was to be at my side for just one hour and it was to happen right now?


  John Winson Lennon has been give a dispensation and leave-of-absence to join us here in Liverpool as a kindly 70th birthday present from his heavenly keeper; and today I was to his tour guide. We were to meet in Mathew Street, Liverpool at The Grapes.



 John was waiting for me. He was sitting in his favourite seat and he'd just finished his pint. I introduced myself and quickly explained today's significant purpose. Nodding in the direction of the crowded doorway we upped to leave but John had stopped before he had even started. He had seen a familiar face. "Sam Leach," I said. "He's not been too well of late; 'the first-ever Beatles promoter' he like's to call himself. He sell's signed pictures to the fans of himself with you and the boy's back in the early sixties. There's a new film to made about him too."





  Diving out into a packed and bustling Mathew street, we walked briskly towards the Cavern Club as I explained how the club had had a revival life-line thrown to it of late, from it being filled-in with it's own rubble - and now becoming the foremost rock 'n roll musical Mecca for music fans from all over the world.


  He had spotted his Brick 'John' just opposite in the Cavern Wall of Fame and I followed. He understood immediately the 'why' of the famous wall? He then saw that someone had written a special poem and had fixed it to the wall alongside his own unique statue of which I pointed out to him, "The heads a bit big though. Don't you think so John?" But he just moved on and smiled.





We passed the wide open doors of many bars. One such is called the Rubber Soul and another is Lennon's Bar where a live band from below street level were playing Twist & Shout. Passing the Cavern Club door he gave-out a deep sigh and a friendly V sign to a young couple who sadly failed to recognise he was there. But onward.

We had but forty minutes left to go.






Popping briefly into the Hard Days Night Hotel he smiled as he looked around approvingly and stopped at that guitar chord-shaped logo on the display board.. An inaudible "Mmmmm," is all that he could manage.

It was now 3: 30pm


I said, "Liverpool One would be an unrecognisable place to you, hey John?" He just shrugged.





  "This is Chavasse Park - a roof-top park and recreation area in the middle of a metropolis," I explained. "And it's here I have intently brought you." We walked on slowly towards a stage area whilst viewing several large montages that I knew he would instantly recognise.. and he did with another of his rye smiles. It was 3: 40pm.







John's eye's beamed with delight at what he saw.. No measurable words were needed now - just a solemn reverence and a tranquil calm. We had five minutes to go.





  He stopped to look closely at the chosen words above whilst paying particular attention the picture on the right. After some time he turned around slowly to face me. I looked down at my watch - it was precisely 4:00pm. The said hour had been and gone. The Sun was now much lower in the sky, no movement from the wind. John was nowhere to be seen. For a fleeting second a shadow of a small bird had crossed my path. I looked up.


  A white dove was circling overhead and then it quickly disappeared - whilst a

single white feather - was slowly falling to Earth.


A sudden lurch and I was nudged hazily out of my happy slumbers.

"C'mon, daydreamer," bristled Christine my wife. "It's Moorfields Station next. We're

getting off here!"







9 October 2010





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Published 10.10.10





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